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Articles by Gray MacKenzie

I'm a Founder at ZenPilot where I help agency owners achieve their goals and buy back time by developing scalable processes and systems.

I co-host the Agency Journey podcast, a weekly interview-style show where we bring on the top agency owners and experts to share their strategies, stories, and systems.

I'm also a co-founder at GuavaBox, an Entrepreneur in Residence at a local business incubator, and a high school baseball coach. Connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Recent Posts:

Why UberConference is the Best Online Meeting and Conference Tool

In Episode #6 of Agency Toolbox, we dive into a category of tools that every agency uses: online meeting and conference call platforms.

You're probably familiar with one of the industry standards: GoToMeeting. If your organization hasn't shelled out the cash for a Citrix or WebEx product, you may be using Google Hangouts, Skype, Join.me, or even Appear.in.

Or, if you're really with it, you may already be using UberConference. Just kidding, I'm not a diehard UberConference fan and that's not an affiliate link or anything - they just happen to be the tool that best fit the conference calling needs of our agency, GuavaBox.

UberConference Review:

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How to Integrate Acuity Scheduling with HubSpot + Free Template

When I first started using Acuity Scheduling, I didn't even think about integrating Acuity with HubSpot so that users could schedule events on my calendar directly from my website. Instead, I just set up a couple quick appointment types inside Acuity and away I went!

Before you worry about integrating Acuity Scheduling with HubSpot, there are three steps I'd recommend:

  1. Sign up for Acuity Scheduling. If you're not sure why I recommend Acuity over other tools like Calendly or ScheduleOnce, check out this video review.
  2. Set up Acuity specifically for your agency (in-depth tutorial).
  3. Customize the front-end appearance of Acuity (tutorial + pre-built stylesheet).

Once you've completed those three steps, if your website is running on the HubSpot COS, check out this video on integrating Acuity Scheduling appointment scheduling into your HubSpot pages:

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How to Customize Acuity Scheduling to Match Your Brand

Last week, in Episode #3 of Agency Toolbox, we walked through exactly how to set up Acuity Scheduling for your marketing agency. Today, I want to take the customization of Acuity Scheduling one step further and give you the resources to customize your scheduling page to match your agency's brand.

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How to Set up Acuity Scheduling for Your Marketing Agency

In Episode #3 of Agency Toolbox, we go behind-the-scenes of the GuavaBox Acuity Scheduling portal so that you can see exactly how to set up Acuity Scheduling for your agency.

Last time, in Episode #2, I walked you through the specific reasons why we chose to use Acuity Scheduling instead of the other calendar scheduling app options for our agency, GuavaBox. If you're still on the fence about the best calendar scheduling app for your business, watch that video. Now let's dive into today's episode:

How to Configure Acuity Scheduling for Your Agency

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What Is the Best Calendar Scheduling App for Marketers?

At your agency, how do you currently schedule meetings with prospects, clients, and contacts? If you're still sending times back and forth via email or struggling to get a streamlined system in place, it's time to fix that problem. It's time to answer the question:

What's the Best Calendar Scheduling Tool?

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Announcing Agency Toolbox: A Podcast for Smart Agency Marketers

What's in your agency toolbox?

Agency marketers ask about tools all the time and there are lots of listings, reviews, and directory sites about marketing tools. What's missing is someone to explain exactly what tools you should consider for your agency, and exactly how to use them in an agency environment. That's why Agency Toolbox exists — watch this video to learn more:

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