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We Lead Agencies Through The Last Project Management Implementation They'll Ever Need.

ZenPilot helps you put an end to chaotic project management so that you can stop switching tools, frustrating your team, and wasting thousands of dollars in lost productivity every month.


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Trusted by 2,700+ Agencies
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We Help You Say Goodbye to Chaotic #AgencyLife

If you're like most agencies, you're probably spending too much time and money every month trying to find and design a project management solution that helps your team get their work done. Unfortunately, the investment still hasn't paid off and your team continues to face the sad reality of chaotic #agencylife.
agency project management reality

"We don't have solid standardized processes for all of our work."

"We have a serious lack of visibility into client health and project progress."

"We've switched project management tools every year since 2019 and I still don't think we've found the right solution." 

"We have no reliable system for resource allocation and workload management."

"As an agency owner, I had to step away from the business for two weeks due to a personal emergency... and my team could not run the ship independently."

"We have too much expertise trapped in a few key people. I'm not sure what we'll do if they leave."

"We've tried every PM tool out there, but could never get project management just right for our team."

"We are constantly switching between Slack, Google Docs, Sheets, and email because we didn’t have a single source of truth for our agency work."

"Passing work across across teams is a huge pain point for us. Everyone is working in silos."

"I have no idea how profitable any of our clients, projects, or services are."

"I wish I had a 30,000 foot view of my business. I don't have a great idea of everything that's going on."

Here's How We Help

The reality is, #agencylife doesn't have to be chaotic, but fixing your operational issues requires more than just plugging in a new project management system. We'll help you eliminate chaos and bring clarity to your team by guiding you through our proven implementation process to assist you in selecting the appropriate tech stack, designing gold-standard processes, and establishing positive team habits.

Step 1: Blueprint

We begin with a 2-week project management blueprint. We'll identify current operational inefficiencies, document your goals, choose the right technology, and design a technical blueprint and implementation plan to help you 4-10x your return on investment.

Technical Blueprint
Agency Process Expertise

Step 2: Implementation

Next, we'll embark on a 1-3 month journey to put your action plan into place. We'll lead your team through the technical implementation, process development, team training, and healthy habit building to lift the weight off your shoulders and help you solve your project management woes once and for all.

Step 3: Optimize

Thirdly, we'll serve as your fractional project management champion and provide:

  • Training and accountability for your team.
  • Weekly reporting and insights on team performance.
  • Advanced automations to minimize repetitive task and ramp up productivity.
  • And continuous improvements to your working environment.
Agency Work Overview
Utilization & Profitability

Step 4: Reports

Lastly, we'll provide you detailed reporting and analysis to help you understand which clients, projects, and services are actually profitable for your business.

Our Proven Implementation Process Turns Chaos Into Clarity

Since 2013, we've helped 2,700+ different teams experience the power of world class operations - providing them with the visibility and processes they need to efficiently scale their business.
Agency project management expectation

"Every service we offer for clients is fully documented and streamlined. Plus, we were able to automate most of the repetitive busy work."

"Leadership now has a singular view that shows our teams bandwidth and capacity."

"We now have an amazing dashboard that shows us exactly which clients, projects, and services are most profitable to our business."

"Account managers have their own 'mission control' dashboards that provides them with project status, burn rates, and results of all of their clients." 

"We now have a single source of truth and paper trail of everything that has happened across the agency."

"Our team knows exactly what they need to do, how to do it, and they have the additional context they need to get it done right the first time."

"Leadership has a singular view that shows all client data - health, status, goals, billing, etc. This data used to be in 5 different places."

"Our clients have much better visibility in to their deliverables and results."

"As the owner of the business, I was finally able to take some needed time off because the team could operate without me."

"Our team has never been more bought in to our project management system. Everyone has amazing habits when it comes to tracking time, closing tasks, and communicating in one place!"

Agency Success Spotlight


ZenPilot has got us all rowing in the same direction
and it’s very clear that our operations are much smoother now and we’re able to get through things much quicker.

They have alleviated a lot of confusion and stress for the team, improved our communication and collaboration, and ensured people have fewer questions and do the job faster.

Now, we have the right systems in place to scale our agency and become more profitable. And that’s thanks to ZenPilot.

Allison Gibbs
Gravity Global


ZenPilot Testimonials

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Our team is more efficient, productive, and healthier. I was always wary of how much of our work could be put into processes, but this has completely changed my mind. If you want to take your agency to the next level, ZenPilot is a must!

Kyle Harms, Digital Hot Sauce
Kyle Harms

Digital Hot Sauce

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They provided the tools, processes, and in-depth knowledge to allow us to successfully migrate our entire business to ClickUp in just a few weeks. We would recommend ZenPilot to anyone considering a move to ClickUp.
Andrew Cole, Fat Earth
Andrew Cole

Fat Earth Media

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They saved us a lot of time and trouble, and we've had many amazed comments from clients and colleagues about how organized our process is now.

arianne foulks-headshot
Arianne Foulks


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Since following ZenPilot's strategy and best practices, our team is saving hours per team member every week. Communication has improved across the team and we're able to give our clients better visibility in their campaigns. Margins have increased because of the efficiency as well.
Chris Dubois

Lean Labs

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Leadership now has a clear view of bandwidth and capacity, the staff understands exactly what is expected of them when they sit down every morning, and our clients have improved visibility into their deliverables.
Kevin D'Arcy, ThinkFuel
Kevin D'Arcy


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We are more efficient than ever and have streamlined our communication so it's organized and on task, vs having a huge Slack channel or Slack mess.
Josh Crouch, Relentless Digital
Josh Crouch

Relentless Digital

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ZenPilot has been the most impactful agency operations investment we’ve ever made. They understood our situation, know ClickUp inside out, and led our team to a successful implementation. If you’re serious about scaling your agency, you need to talk to ZenPilot - they transformed how we work and led a 300% improvement in efficiency.
Michael Lisovetsky

Co-founder JUICE

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ZenPilot came in with a framework, implementation, and training resources to move our agency through a lot of change in the way our 30 member team does things....change management that is super hard like task and time tracking! They really know ClickUp, and we do some crazy complicated things in there. If you need help scaling and measuring operational performance in your agency, ZenPilot is a great partner to get it done.
Ben Labay
Ben Labay

CEO, Speero

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Our agency has tried many project management tools over the years, but when we migrated to ClickUp we finally felt like we got it right. But hiring ZenPilot to help us implement it was an even better decision -- easily the best investment we made in our agency's growth. In the year since implementing ClickUp, our business has doubled, and our project management systems and structure have been able to adapt and scale with us

Whitney Parker Mitchell

CEO & Founder, Beacon Digital Marketing

Agency PM Health Benchmark

See how your agency operations stack up against 2,700+ other agencies.

Agency PM Benchmark

Why ZenPilot?

Zeb Evans Quote About ZenPilot

Project Management Mastery

Over the last 10 years, we've evaluated, used, and tested every project management tool on the market. We're now the most-trusted solutions partners for both ClickUp and

Lowering your risk and helping you get the right technology for the job.

Agency Operations Expertise

With a behind-the-scenes look at 3,000 different agencies, we've built (and tested) the structure and process templates agencies need to build a more productive, profitable, and healthy teams.

Providing you with minimal manual effort and the fastest time-to-value with already built plug-and-play templates.

Agency Process Expertise
ROI-Driven Change Management

ROI-Driven Change Management

After leading over 10,000 people through a complete transformation in the way they work, we've designed the exact process agencies need to get their team to buy-in and build the habits that makes a project management tool work.

Upskilling your team with the best agency project management and operations education on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Thanks to ZenPilot, the company has increased their overall productivity by 400% and revenue acquisition by 25%.

The team strictly adheres to timelines and the budget, but internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with their knowledge and workforce methodology.

Shayla Pearson

Director of Rev Ops
Seaworthy Strategy

How much does it cost to work with ZenPilot?

We'd begin answering this question by asking "How much is inefficient operations currently costing you?", but...

To briefly answer the question, a full transformation can be $25,000 to $75,000, but most of our clients can get started for as little as $3,000.

However, even if you do have an appropriate budget, we won't move forward if we can't all see a clear path to achieving a 4-10x year one ROI for you.

When you have a conversation with ZenPilot, we'll walk through your situation, your goals, and the best path to achieving the outcomes you want.

Based on that, we will determine if you can get the ROI that would justify using our services.

Booking a call with us is completely FREE, so let's start there and see what we can improve in your business!

What results can we expect to see? How do you measure results?

That depends on your goals and your plan, but it's not uncommon for us to see up to 300% increase in efficiency for our agency clients.

But that's just one example. Working with us will allow you to reliably measure + improve a variety of agency metrics.

Our main tool for measuring success is called the Agency Operator Scorecard. The Scorecard gives you a clear view of key data about your agency (target vs actual), such as utilization, earnings/FTE, net margin, PM technology costs, and more. The Scorecard will show you how much money you're leaving on the table by letting underutilization and inefficiencies persist in your organization. Working with us will allow you to get that money back.

To see an example of the Agency Operator Scorecard, book a call with us.

How long does the process take?

That depends entirely on your stated goals, but most agencies will undergo a complete transformation in 10-12 weeks and will have reached 4x ROI by 12 months.

Do you only work with agencies?

Not exactly! We also work with in-house marketing teams (who often see themselves as an "internal agency")—one example is the marketing crew at LegalZoom.

And we work with businesses who do client work that may not necessarily see themselves as agencies, such as accounting firms.

While it's true that our expertise runs deepest in the agency space (and we have a library of 200+ plug-and-play process templates for that specific context), we have lots of advice and specific frameworks to share for any business that wants to put an end to chaotic project management and stop hopping from one PM tool to the next.

Book a free consultation with us and let's find out if we're a fit for you!

Do we have to use Teamwork or ClickUp?

Technically, no. You can work through the 1-3-5 Formula with whatever tool you currently use.  In fact, we wrote a guide on how to choose the best project management tool for your organization.  However, in our experience working with hundreds of agencies, ClickUp and Teamwork stand out as the most versatile and easy-to-use tools for agencies. 

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Thanks to ZenPilot, the company has increased their overall productivity by 400% and revenue acquisition by 25%.

The team strictly adheres to timelines and the budget, but internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with their knowledge and workforce methodology.

Shayla Pearson

Director of Rev Ops
Seaworthy Strategy

Turn productivity into profit.
We're your agency operations co-pilot.

Our clients benefit from our comprehensive library of pre-built ClickUp and Teamwork templates, agency-specific training and certification programs, and automation engine to help double their productivity.