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ZenPilot Resources

Browse our library of free resources and templates designed to help you build a more productive, profitable, and healthy team. Additionally, if you're looking to explore more, check out our blog or sign up for our newsletter—First Class Operations—to help you stay on top of the curve with resources, tools, and insights that enable the delivery of work faster and better. Or if you can't find what you're looking for, use the search bar below for help!

    Guide - How to Use ClickUp

    -- Free Guide --

    How to Use ClickUp

    Get the complete 56-page guide to learn how ClickUp's #1 solutions partner uses ClickUp.

    ClickUp for Agencies Guide

    -- Free Guide --

    ClickUp for Agencies

    Get the complete step-by-step proven process used by 2700+ agencies to implement ClickUp.

    PM Health Benchmark

    -- Agency Benchmark --

    PM Health Benchmark

    See how your agency operations stack up against 2,700+ other agencies.

    Workload Guide + Training

    -- Free Training --

    6 Steps to Better Workload Visibility

    Get the complete workload guide + training video to build a better and more accurate workload view.

    ClickUp + HubSpot Training

    -- Free Training --

    ClickUp <> HubSpot

    Discover what ClickUp-HubSpot automations are possible and see some of the best integration ideas between two of the fastest-growing platforms.

    Process Prioritization Worksheet

    -- Free Worksheet --

    Process Prioritization

    Skip the guesswork and get the proven framework 2,700+ agencies have used to prioritize their process development.

    Client Onboarding Template

    -- Free Template --

    Client Onboarding

    Get our pre-built Client Onboarding template directly added into your agency's ClickUp portal.

    How to Implement for Agencies

    -- Free Guide --

    Teamwork for Agencies

    Get the complete step-by-step proven process to implement

    L10 Meeting Template-1

    -- Free Template --

    L10 Meeting Agenda

    Get the complete L10 meeting™ agenda template to run more efficient and actionable meetings directly inside of ClickUp.

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