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Agency Profitability Reporting

Take the guesswork out of agency profitability

Stop running your agency in the dark. ZenPilot's profitability reports provide detailed insights to help you uncover the critical business metrics you need to scale your agency profitably and sustainably.

Agency Profitability Reporting

The problem

As your agency has grown, you've lost crucial visibility

1. You're not sure where your team is spending their time

Despite having a system for tracking time, you still aren't 100% sure where your team is spending their time. You'd love to be able to see where time was spent on a weekly basis and compare that to what was actually planned.

2. You're not sure which clients or projects are most profitable to your business

You may have an idea of which clients are happy, but you can't confidently answer which clients, projects, or services are the most profitable for your business, leaving you in the dark.

3. You're not able to predict team workload and capacity
You're not sure if your team is overworked or underworked, and you can't make data-driven decisions to know whom and when to hire—leaving you stressed when it comes to planning future projects.

Our solution

Agency-specific profitability dashboards leveraging your ClickUp data

We pair your ClickUp and financial data to show you exactly how profitable and efficient your operation actually is.

1. Organizational health overview for improved resource allocation

An all-encompassing view that captures the pulse of where your team plans and spends their time, guiding strategic planning and resource allocation.

Historical time analysis

Overview of past and present available time, estimated time, and tracked time—helping you analyze historical planning accuracy to improve future planning and forecasting.

High-level workload management

Visualize your team's capacity in relation to scheduled work and availability to manage the workload effectively.

Utilization overview

Insight into billable vs. non-billable time tracked on a month-to-month basis.

Company Overview - Agency Profitability Reports
Task and Time Analysis - Agency Profitability Reports

2. Detailed task and time analysis for better planning

Focused examination of task distribution and execution offers clarity on where efforts were and can be best invested.

Estimated vs. actual hours

Track discrepancies between planned and worked hours to refine future estimates and projections—helping your team better forecast and predict the future.

Task by hours analysis

Insight into estimated and actual hours by client, department, and work category—giving you clear visibility into where your team is spending their time.

Work category breakdown

Identify which work categories are creating disconnects in planning versus execution.

3. Team utilization and performance analysis

A detailed look at how teams and individual team members are utilized—highlighting areas for efficiency improvement and capacity planning.

Utilization reporting

Analyze your team's and individual team members' billable vs. non-billable work versus overall availability and out-of-office times, providing accurate utilization percentages for each team member.

Target utilization rates

Set and compare against ideal utilization benchmarks for each team member.

Time tracking gaps

Visualize the total time available and how much was tracked to identify who and where time is not being tracked.

User & Utilization Tracking - Agency Profitability Reports
Account Management - Agency Profitability Reports

4. Account management effectiveness reporting

Evaluates the effectiveness of account managers in steering client projects towards financial and operational success.

Client budget management

Assess how well client leads manage budgets and projects to ensure profitability.

Task delivery oversight

Insights into the delivery of client tasks within budget and schedule.

Account manager performance

Overview of account manager efficiency in handling their client portfolio.

5. Comprehensive cost and revenue analysis

This critical financial overview allows for a detailed understanding of client and project profitability, identifying opportunities and risks.

Detailed cost vs. revenue insights

Evaluate the financial performance of projects based on actual costs and revenue generated.

Labor cost analysis

Understand the implications of individual labor rates on project costs.

Profitability leaks

Identify which services and/or team members are your most and least profitable.

Cost & Revenue Analysis - Agency Profitability Reports
Budget & Financial Monitoring - Agency Profitability Reports

6. Advanced budget and financial performance monitoring

A comprehensive picture of revenue management and profitability at both the macro and client levels, enabling strategic decision-making to seal up leaky buckets and improve profitability.

Detailed client profitability analysis

Month-to-month and client-specific profitability analysis for strategic financial planning.

Financial overview

Track labor and external costs against specific contracts (grouped by account manager) to ensure each engagement is delivered profitably.

The results

Clearer visibility. Smarter planning. Bigger profits.

Improved leadership visibility

Leadership will understand profitability, utilization, workload, and overall team & client health.

Better account management

Account management will have 360° visibility into all of their accounts—burn rates, project statuses, budgets, and resource availability.

Improved project management

Project managers will be able to comfortably reschedule deadlines and reassign work to team members who have capacity.

A healthier team

Individual contributors won't experience burnout from either being under or over-utilized.

Happier clients

Clients will have a better experience resulting from your team's productivity and organization.


Team Capacity Improvement


Avg Gross Margin Growth


Avg Client LTV Increase

Agency Success Spotlight - Venn Digital

“After using the new system optimally and consistently, we realized that our least profitable clients came from our main niche. This niche was actually hurting our business and we realized we had connected ourselves to a niche that wasn't profitable. We'd be much better off if we made a switch.


This new level of visibility led to a pivotal moment in our business. Because of the switch [in clientele] we made, our profitability soared. Without this adjustment, we would never have been able to expand in the way that we did. And that's thanks to ZenPilot.”

Matt Guevara
Founder, Venn Digital Marketing

How does it work?

ZenPilot profitability reports combine your ClickUp and financial data to help you get the detailed insights you need, while using the project management system you love, without all the spreadsheets you hate.

Step 1: You work in ClickUp

Your team works in ClickUp—closing tasks, tracking time, and building healthy habits.

Step 2: We build the infrastructure

We'll build a Space in your ClickUp Workspace to document your financial data—labor rates, costs, etc.—and build the API to extract the data and visualize it on our dashboards. Then we'll embed it back into ClickUp so that it's all in one place.

Step 3: You build a more profitable business

We'll train you and your team on how to use these reports to make better decisions that will minimize your costs and maximize your revenue.

How much does it cost?

Choose your commitment

ZenPilot profitability reports require a brief setup process and monthly maintenance fee. 

Annual Plan


  • Setup Fee: In addition to the $4,800/year, this plan requires a one-time $2,500 setup fee.

  • Payment Frequency: Annually

  • Commitment: 12-month engagement with an upfront annual payment for added savings.

Monthly Plan


  • Setup Fee: In addition to the $500/month, this plan requires a one-time $3,000 setup fee.

  • Payment Frequency: Monthly

  • Commitment: Flexible monthly engagement with no long-term commitment.

ZenPilot Testimonials

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Our team is more efficient, productive, and healthier. I was always wary of how much of our work could be put into processes, but this has completely changed my mind. If you want to take your agency to the next level, ZenPilot is a must!

Kyle Harms, Digital Hot Sauce
Kyle Harms

Digital Hot Sauce

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They provided the tools, processes, and in-depth knowledge to allow us to successfully migrate our entire business to ClickUp in just a few weeks. We would recommend ZenPilot to anyone considering a move to ClickUp.
Andrew Cole, Fat Earth
Andrew Cole

Fat Earth Media

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They saved us a lot of time and trouble, and we've had many amazed comments from clients and colleagues about how organized our process is now.

arianne foulks-headshot
Arianne Foulks


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Since following ZenPilot's strategy and best practices, our team is saving hours per team member every week. Communication has improved across the team and we're able to give our clients better visibility in their campaigns. Margins have increased because of the efficiency as well.
Chris Dubois

Lean Labs

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Leadership now has a clear view of bandwidth and capacity, the staff understands exactly what is expected of them when they sit down every morning, and our clients have improved visibility into their deliverables.
Kevin D'Arcy, ThinkFuel
Kevin D'Arcy


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We are more efficient than ever and have streamlined our communication so it's organized and on task, vs having a huge Slack channel or Slack mess.
Josh Crouch, Relentless Digital
Josh Crouch

Relentless Digital

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ZenPilot has been the most impactful agency operations investment we’ve ever made. They understood our situation, know ClickUp inside out, and led our team to a successful implementation. If you’re serious about scaling your agency, you need to talk to ZenPilot - they transformed how we work and led a 300% improvement in efficiency.
Michael Lisovetsky

Co-founder JUICE

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ZenPilot came in with a framework, implementation, and training resources to move our agency through a lot of change in the way our 30 member team does things....change management that is super hard like task and time tracking! They really know ClickUp, and we do some crazy complicated things in there. If you need help scaling and measuring operational performance in your agency, ZenPilot is a great partner to get it done.
Ben Labay
Ben Labay

CEO, Speero

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Our agency has tried many project management tools over the years, but when we migrated to ClickUp we finally felt like we got it right. But hiring ZenPilot to help us implement it was an even better decision -- easily the best investment we made in our agency's growth. In the year since implementing ClickUp, our business has doubled, and our project management systems and structure have been able to adapt and scale with us.

Whitney Parker Mitchell

CEO & Founder, Beacon Digital Marketing

Gold standard agency operations rely on data to make decisions.

Are you ready to truly understand how your agency is performing? We've helped 2,700+ agencies boost profits and team utilization by helping them uncover and solve their lingering issues that they didn't know existed.