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Project Management Pricing for Agencies

Frustration with project management tools is often a symptom of a deeper problem.

There is this myth out there that tools and technology will solve all your problems.

For years we bought into this. Agencies are famous for hopping from tool to tool, always looking for software to be their savior. We did the same thing and chased the shiny object, jumping from one tool to another.

And now speaking with agency owners like you every day, we've realized that we weren't alone.

But, most problems that agencies face are more complex than just which platform they're using.

These problems find their source in:

  • A lack of clear and shared vision from the owner and core team.
  • Weak positioning and messaging.
  • Inconsistent and poorly communicated expectations between agency teams and clients.
  • No standardized process for creating deliverables.
  • Reactive approach to client requests (or demands) instead of proactive leadership.

After working with 1200+ agencies on six continents, interviewing 160+ successful agency owners and consultants, and analyzing hundreds of thousands of completed tasks and 140,000+ logged hours by agency teams (and counting!), we’ve learned a few things.

To build a successful agency you need:

  • A clear and shared vision.
  • A focused niche that allows you to create marketing that connects.
  • A sales process that builds trust and sets clear expectations.
  • A documented process for internal and client work.
  • A pattern of communication rhythms that keep everyone on the same page.

We can help you implement these changes in less time. Instead of getting stuck in the rut of trial & error, we provide a solution that brings leverage into your business.

Our programs are built using a blend of pre-built, agency-proven templates, software, on-demand video training, and coaching.

The goal is to help you see progress and find traction, fast.

Agencies working with us can expect to pay between $1500 and $3000 a month, based on your situation, needs, and goals.

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