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Hello, we’re ZenPilot

We're operations experts who love helping agency owners build the management structure they need to keep their employees and clients happy as they grow.
ZenPilot Founders Andrew Dymski and Gray MacKenzie
Our History

We've helped over 1,800 agencies grow sustainably.

Running an agency is hard. We've experienced all the challenges of growing a team, serving clients, and delivering results over almost 10 years of being in business together.
January, 2011
GuavaBox is born in a college dorm room as a web design and content agency.
June, 2013
DoInbound launches as a project and process management platform for digital agencies.
March, 2015
Agency Journey podcast hits the airwaves to capture agency growth stories from their founders.
May 2018
ZenPilot narrows focus to helping agencies streamline their operations in ClickUp.

“It was like taking a nasty kitchen and making it clean. We have an awesome team and an awesome product. You guys helped us create an awesome process to support both.”

Jeremiah Smith, CEO, Simple Tiger

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