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Meet ZenPilot

Since 2013, we’ve been on a mission to take the guesswork out of agency operations and help teams do better work, faster. Today, we’re the Seal Team 6 of agency operations—a tight-knit team of specialists operating with precision and efficiency.

If your agency is struggling with processes or project management, and especially if wasted effort and lack of clarity are cutting into your profits, you’re in the right place. We’d love to connect.

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Our Values

We intentionally defined our 5 core values as personalized descriptors of each individual member of the ZenPilot team. They are not nebulous nouns to aspire to; they define how we think, communicate, and act.

Our Story

Our Story1

Before starting ZenPilot, Andrew Dymski & Gray MacKenzie built GuavaBox, a web development and inbound marketing agency.While growing GuavaBox, they experienced all the common challenges of serving clients, managing projects, and developing the infrastructure to rapidly scale a cohesive team and deliver consistent client outcomes.

To help streamline agency operations, they built their own process and project management platform called DoInbound and launched the software for other agencies in 2013. They packaged the software with the process templates they’d developed for GuavaBox so that other agencies could benefit from having both the pre-built processes and the software to enable them to quickly plan, do, and manage their work.

As they bootstrapped DoInbound, and grew to 500+ agency customers, Andrew & Gray invested over $2M in the SaaS startup, while beginning to consult agencies that needed additional process and project management help.

Consulting led to the key discovery: agencies need a consistent operating framework, clear rules of engagement, and consistent accountability more than they need another PM platform.

In late 2017, they made the decision to invest all their energy into solving the root problem for agencies. Instead of splitting time and energy, they exited the software business and focused on building a training practice to help agencies streamline their operations: ZenPilot.

Our Story2
Our Story3

One of the key drivers behind DoInbound was the desire to “make the process live where work gets done.” This required reusable templates that contained the checklists and details for completing each task, so that anyone with a base level of competency in a specific area could successfully complete a related task.

Andrew & Gray spent the next 6 months researching project management tools to deliver on the templating and hierarchy requirements needed for agency success.

They evaluated 71 PM platforms, narrowed it down to a top 3, and ClickUp was the ultimate winner as the best fit for scaling agencies.

Since forming an initial partnership with ClickUp in early 2018, ZenPilot has become ClickUp’s largest and highest-rated solutions partner, helping hundreds of agencies make smooth migrations and major operational improvements each year.

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