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There are five steps every agency needs to take to successfully implement ClickUp. If you miss one, the project is primed to go south.

We've taken over 2,700+ agencies through this proven 5-step process to streamline their operations in ClickUp.

This guide gives you the complete framework for implementing ClickUp for your agency. If you want to successfully deploy the tool, you've come to the right place.

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ClickUp is very customizable. You can set things up a million different ways.

What was nice about talking to ZenPilot is all of the past experience they've had setting up other people's ClickUp spaces. They've tried it a million ways, so you don't have to go through the hassle of trial and error. 

I just feel like I was given the best-in-class standards of operating. 

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[In response to a ClickUp for Agencies Guide email]

I don’t typically respond to these type of messages—however the content I downloaded was incredible. It inspired me so much that I have been at it non-stop all weekend working to start preparing for change. I am very excited to present this opportunity to the rest of our leadership team.

Very comprehensive with accurate content. Makes it easy for one to set up ClickUp with little effort.

We run on ClickUp and use ClickUp to deliver services, I have tried the ClickUp process taught by other experts before stumbling on to what Gray and his team have been doing with setting up ClickUp for agencies, and this is by far the most appropriate and easy to implement framework and practical framework that they implement.

Overnight I made the decision to move to this new system and launch the agency with the updated process from ZenPilot.

I have used ClickUp (ineffectively) for a couple of years and this guide has helped me restructure the way I set up my workspace. It's an awesome resource!

The ClickUp for Agencies Guide is the result of years of dedication to getting the most out of this extremely versatile tool.

More importantly, what we share in the guide is based on hundreds of successful deployments at agencies of various sizes and specialties. This is hard-won knowledge that we have earned in the trenches.

Our guide will lead you through the exact steps you need to take to get the best of what ClickUp can do (and avoid the things it can't do that well yet!).

Melanie Brook - LegalZoom Chris Cowley, Stream Commerce Vishal Rewari, Optiblack Joe Edgley, Amplified Marketing Andrew Dymski, ZenPilot
Melanie Brook, Principal, Creative Operations @ LegalZoom
Chris Cowley, Head of Technology @ Stream Commerce
Vishal Rewari, Founding Partner @ Optiblack
Joe Edgley, Founder @ Amplified Marketing
Andrew Dymski, Co-Founder @ ZenPilot