Learn the Best Practices from 2,700+ ClickUp Implementations


ClickUp templates are a power-up for your agency.

They're the key to truly making processes live where work gets done.

But it takes much time to build and get them structured just right.

That's why we've built an entire library of pre-built process templates in ClickUp, based on the best practices of 2,700+ agencies.

And today, you can access our pre-built Client Onboarding ClickUp template, 100% free. Just fill out the form on this page with your work email, and we'll send it right away!

Once you discover how much time and effort a template like this can save you, there's no going back 💪

Get Your Free ClickUp Template

Get our pre-built Client Onboarding template directly added into your agency's ClickUp portal.

This Client Onboarding Template is the result of countless iterations based on our learnings from hundreds of ClickUp deployments at agencies of various sizes and specialties. This is hard-won knowledge that we have earned in the trenches.

Setting this up yourself would take you a few hours. Getting the expertise to architect the template in the optimal way takes years.

By sharing this template with the world, we intend to give hundreds of agencies a cheat code to nail client onboarding, which we see as the crucial first stage of providing gold standard client services.

Andrew Dymski, ZenPilot
Andrew Dymski, Co-Founder @ ZenPilot