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Articles by Ben Butler

I take my coffee black, my cars manual, and my experiences by the handful. Through these experiences, I've had the opportunity to manage client relationships and projects for marketing agencies. I'm excited to share stories from the trenches to help you lead and manage more fruitful client partnerships.

Recent Posts:

What Your Agency Should Do After a Client Conflict

This has been a firey hot season of the Happy Client Show. 

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How to Deal with a Client That Badmouths Your Agency

Something transpired and your former client walks away unhappy. More than that, however, they've threatened to badmouth your agency. 

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The Right Way to Break off a Client/Agency Relationship

Breaking off a relationship of any kind is never easy. 

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5 Client Conflicts and How to Handle Them

We're running straight into the fire with this episode of the Happy Client Show walking through how to handle situations like:

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9 Steps to Resolving Client/Agency Conflict

Do you know what seperates the most successful agencies from the rest of the pack? 

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What to Do When Clients Perpetually Miss Deadlines

As an agency, it's undoubtedly going to happen one day ... The client is late! 

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4 Signs It's Time to Overcommunicate with Clients

As agencies, we have the tendancy to under communicate. 

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3 Meetings Every Inbound Partnership Needs

Meetings are essential to every client relationship. 

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How to Write a Contract Between Your Agency and a Client

How solid are your agency/client contracts?

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5 Clients Who Will Burn Your Agency Down

This season on the Happy Client Show, we're talking all about client fires.

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