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ZenPilot Announced as a ClickUp Diamond Partner

Jeff Cypher
Jeff Cypher is a marketing consultant turned operations nerd who has helped hundreds of agencies fix chaotic project management and stop needlessly hopping from one PM tool to the next.

At ZenPilot, we are absolutely thrilled to have been selected as one of the inaugural Diamond Partners in ClickUp's new partner program.

This coveted status is a testament to the tremendous value our team has been able to deliver to thousands of marketing agencies through our ClickUp implementations over the past 5+ years. Read more about this new partnership in ClickUp's press release.ClickUp Diamond Partner - ZenPilot

“Since becoming our first partner in 2018, ZenPilot has stood out as the go-to solution for agencies who want to get the most out of ClickUp.

Their commitment to truly solving for the customer and providing the best customer experience is perfectly aligned with our mission at ClickUp - and it shows up in their results and the feedback we consistently hear about ZenPilot.”

Zeb Evans Zeb Evans ClickUp Founder & CEO

ClickUp + ZenPilot - A Successful Partnership Since the Beginning

As the leading provider of agency operations and ClickUp consulting, ZenPilot has had a partnership with ClickUp since nearly the beginning.

Back in 2018, our founders, Gray MacKenzie and Andrew Dymski, conducted extensive research on project management solutions. They recognized immediately that ClickUp's flexible, all-in-one platform was a perfect fit for bringing clarity to #agencylife.

“Back in 2018 we conducted extensive research and made the decision to select ClickUp as our project management partner of record. We haven’t looked back since that decision.

We are so glad that we bet big on ClickUp and that they did the same with us. We believe in ClickUp’s mission to make work more productive, and are committed to helping them transform marketing agency operations to be more efficient and well-run.”

Gray MacKenzie Gray MacKenzie CEO/Founder, ZenPilot

That early decision to go all-in on ClickUp has fueled our success and rapid growth.

Now, thousands of hours of hands-on experience later, ZenPilot has become synonymous with ClickUp expertise in the digital agency space.

Our clients rave about the clarity we bring to their operations - breaking down silos, boosting team productivity, and increasing profitability.

As a Diamond Partner, we offer the total package when it comes to ClickUp implementation and adoption:

  • We start by thoroughly analyzing an agency's workflows, pain points, and needs. No two agencies are alike, so we customize an agency operator blueprint tailored to each client.
  • Our team of dedicated ClickUp experts configure the platform to match the blueprint, including spaces, lists, views, fields, templates, and automations. We go the extra mile to refine ClickUp to fit our client's unique processes.
  • Our proven and proactive ROI-driven change management methodology ensures user adoption across the organization. We train agency staff on how to build agency processes, migrate client work, and get the whole team trained excited about using ClickUp.
  • And we continue providing ongoing support, advanced reporting, and enhancements so that clients fully leverage ClickUp, reach their productivity goals, and are able to fully understand profitability, utilization, and team performance.

ClickUp's feature-packed and flexible platform makes our job fun and exciting. As they rapidly roll out new capabilities with artificial intelligence, custom task types, and advanced integrations & automations, we continue to stay ahead of the curve to quickly integrate innovative features that boost agency workflows.

We are aligned with ClickUp's fundamental mission - to make work more productive and enjoyable.

When agencies partner with ZenPilot, they quickly start getting back valuable time to focus on more strategic initiatives, serve clients better, and even improve work-life balance. It's incredibly rewarding to work with amazing agencies all over the world.

Looking ahead, as a Diamond Partner, we are committed to taking agencies' ClickUp success to the next level:

  • We plan to double down on custom training programs and change management services to drive maximum ClickUp adoption. Smooth user onboarding is key for clients to realize quick wins.
  • We will continue expanding our library of ClickUp best practices, templates, and workflows tailored to the needs of different agency roles and departments. This accelerates agencies' speed to value.
  • We aim to continue to develop more innovative offerings that extend ClickUp's capabilities for agencies, like advanced reporting and insights.
  • And we are hiring more ClickUp experts and technical resources to scale our services and help even more agencies streamline productivity.

It's an exciting time for our partnership, and we're grateful to ClickUp for recognizing the hard work of our team to deliver incredible results.

Becoming a Diamond Partner sets us up perfectly to take our partnership, expertise, and client offerings to new heights. Together with ClickUp, we can fulfill the vision of turning every agency's chaos into clarity!

Cancel chaos.
Create clarity.

You can build a happier, more productive, more profitable team with ClickUp. We'll show you how.

Cancel Chaos

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