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Agency Operations Blueprint

The Only Fully Guaranteed Agency Operations Improvement Framework

360 clarity into your operations or your money back, guaranteed.

The Problem with Agency Project Management

The typical agency switches project management tools every 17 months. Crazy, right? 🤯

They're constantly looking at ClickUp, Teamwork, Asana, Monday, and Notion and waiting for someone to finally build the perfect tool.

And if you're anything like the typical agency, you're pouring hours each month into trying to optimize your current setup. 

The constant trial and error commonly frustrates teams and leaves them hungry for a better way — a proven solution for agency project management.


Expectation vs. Reality

Agencies seek a "Simple, But Powerful" project management platform to solve all of their agency woes. 

Agency project management expectation

What you're looking for:

✅ A platform that is simple and logical enough that your team can easily pick it up and will use it consistently.

✅ But that same platform must have powerful enough reporting, visibility, and integrations to enable easy resource management, efficiency, and profitability analysis.

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agency project management reality

What you're getting:

✅ A decent experience for the end user, but limited reporting, insights, and power-user features (looking at you Trello, Basecamp, & Notion)

✅ Or a powerful admin reporting, but a confusing end user experience or an outdated UI (hello Accelo, Mavenlink, & Wrike).

one goal

The Path to Achieve Simple, But Powerful Project Management

In our work with thousands of agencies we've learned that you can NEVER streamline operations and get PM to work for your team, until you figure out how to design your system to produce powerful insights while simplifying the entire experience for your team.

You need leverage; maximum insights from minimal input. 

But how do you accomplish this?

We're glad you asked!

This page will teach you what you need to do to create a "Simple, But Powerful" system - turning project management into a competitive advantage for your agency.

The Agency Project Management Solution

First, let's dispel the myth that all you need is a new PM tool. The reality is that the agencies who have mastered project management have mastered the 3 key areas:

  • Tools - your single source of truth for work management.
  • Processes - lean, tightly-integrated, and makes the process live where the work gets done.
  • Habits - a strong culture of accountability ensures that work is done the right and best way every time (this is the most important and most overlooked element).

When it's done right, it's a thing of beauty and creates a virtuous flywheel that leads to:

  1. Improved efficiency + increased capacity
  2. Healthier team dynamics with less chaos + more clarity
  3. Stronger team + client retention
  4. Fewer client fires + more profitability

So how do you design the best project management solution for your agency?

Let's talk about building your Agency Operator Blueprint.

three keys

Agency operator blueprint-1

Building Your Agency Operator Blueprint

Fixing your agency operations does not start with software trials or or furiously jotting down process checklists.

It requires deeper work with your team to identify the real needs of all the roles in your organization.

The finished solution and implementation plan must cover all 3 of the key areas (tools, processes, and habits).

Your Blueprint will account for:

  • Your entire system design - what tools will be used, how they'll be set up, how they integrate with each other, etc.
  • Your ultimate goal and how you'll measure success - are you after productivity gains? Fewer dropped balls and headaches across your team? Better visibility for managing your team? What defines success?
  • A clear, coherent success plan that is shared by all - how can your team efficiently work together to implement the Blueprint you've designed?

If you'd like to see what a great Agency Operator Blueprint looks like, book a call here.

Easier yet, work with us to build your Blueprint.👇


How ZenPilot Builds Your Blueprint

Let's walk through the full Blueprint to help an agency get maximum insights from minimal inputs.

We'll also show you how that Blueprint was built (and share the team's investment in that process).

We Help Agencies Of All Shapes & Sizes

Every agency across the globe is trying to tame the chaos of #agencylife. We've helped close to 3,000 build their agency operators blueprint to bring clarity to their operations.

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Agency Operations Improvement Framework

What Happens After the Blueprint?

When you've completed the Blueprint process you'll have: 

  1. Your customized system design so you can visualize where everything is going to live.
  2. A completed Agency Operator Scorecard so you know the exact KPIs you should be tracking (even if you can't report on them today).
  3. A detailed action plan to implement the Blueprint.

Implementation is the next step after you've completed the Blueprint. This is where your Blueprint comes to life inside your project management tool and your team begins to experience the wins. 

Working with ZenPilot to implement your Blueprint is the fastest path to deploying the updated structure and changing your team habits. 

Having led over 3,000 agencies on this journey has made us masters of this process.

A Quick Path-to-Value Sprint

#agencylife leaves no down time. We'll help you to roll out your implementation with a smart step-by-step process that allows your team to get to work fast inside a proven structure without any guesswork or wasted time in research-mode.

  1. You'll begin by meeting your Client Coach. They will be your dedicated guide through your implementation.
  2. Your Blueprint Strategist will brief your Client Coach on your business goals and personalized action plan.
  3. Your Client Coach will help you through the implementation intake process. This is where you'll share the information we need to complete your system configuration.
  4. Once the implementation intake has been completed, one of our Solutions Engineers will begin the process of building your Blueprint inside your project management tool.
  5. After the system has been configured we'll invite you to review your new structure.

Your Client Coach with work with you during each step of the process so you know where the project stands and what information is needed from your team.

At this point you'll have a fully-configured system within the first three weeks of your implementation. This will allow your team to get to work quickly inside your new structure.

Man with laptop

Solution Hero 2

Drive Lasting Change with ROI-Driven Change Management

After your system is built with the proper, structure we shift our focus to your team habits.

Your Client Coach will work with you to get each member of your team set up on the right training track to maximize their success. We break this down into the following roles:

  1. Agency Operators
  2. Account Managers
  3. Project Managers
  4. End Users

Each role will move through the material and certification that will allow them to do their part to keep the system running. There will be a mix of training tracks, homework assignment, instructor reviews, and live feedback sessions.

Your Client Coach will use your Agency Operator Scorecard to prioritize the training paths necessary to maximize your reporting visibility while creating an easy-to-use experience for the end users on the team.

The amount of time it takes a team to complete the change management portion of the implementation varies from team to team. We recommend agencies plan to spend 12 months working on building processes, training new habits, monitoring reports, and optimizing their systems.


Team Capacity Improvement


Avg Gross Margin Growth


Avg Client LTV Increase

Frequently Asked Questions

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Thanks to ZenPilot, the company has increased their overall productivity by 400% and revenue acquisition by 25%.

The team strictly adheres to timelines and the budget, but internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with their knowledge and workforce methodology.

Shayla Pearson

Director of Rev Ops
Seaworthy Strategy

What do we receive from the blueprint?

In addition to the recorded work sessions, Blueprint training videos, and resources shared, we'll use three main artifacts in the blueprint process.

  1. Agency Operator Blueprint - Your fully customized project management hierarchy, custom fields, view types, use cases and integrations. View an example here.
  2. Agency Operator Scorecard - Your detailed path to collecting and understanding key performance metrics to make management decisions.
  3. Success Plan and Live Training - Your success plan focused on the whys and hows to get your ultimate outcome.
How long does the process take?

The Blueprint process typically takes 1-2 weeks depending on the availability of your team.

Do you only work with agencies?

Not exactly! We also work with in-house marketing teams (who often see themselves as an "internal agency")—one example is the marketing crew at LegalZoom.

And we work with businesses who do client work that may not necessarily see themselves as agencies, such as accounting firms.

While it's true that our expertise runs deepest in the agency space (and we have a library of 200+ plug-and-play process templates for that specific context), we have lots of advice and specific frameworks to share for any business that wants to put an end to chaotic project management and stop hopping from one PM tool to the next.

What results can we expect to see?

That depends on your goals and your plan, but it's not uncommon for us to see up to 300% increase in efficiency for our agency clients. We've helped agencies double productivity, grow profits by $1.2 million in year 1, triple headcount seamlessly, increase client LTV and improve client retention.

But those are just examples of previous client results. Working with us will allow you to reliably measure + improve a variety of agency metrics.

Our main tool for measuring success is called the Agency Operator Scorecard. The Scorecard gives you a clear view of key data about your agency (target vs actual), such as utilization, earnings/FTE, net margin, PM technology costs, and more.

The Scorecard will show you how much money you're leaving on the table by letting underutilization and inefficiencies persist in your organization. Working with us will allow you to get that money back.

To see an example of the Agency Operator Scorecard, book a call with us.

Can I really get my money back?

Yes. We're so confident that you'll love the Blueprint process and results, that we put our money where our mouth is.

We'll fully refund your investment if we reach the end of the blueprint and you're not bought into the solution we've designed to get your clarity.

left-quote Created with Sketch.

Thanks to ZenPilot, the company has increased their overall productivity by 400% and revenue acquisition by 25%.

The team strictly adheres to timelines and the budget, but internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with their knowledge and workforce methodology.

Shayla Pearson

Director of Rev Ops
Seaworthy Strategy

Ready to get started?

We've helped thousands of agencies tame the chaos of #agencylife. If you're ready for 360 clarity into your operations, book a call with us and let's get started.