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We help marketing agencies develop their processes and systems so they can scale.

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Are you sick of reinventing the wheel for every client?

We get it — you're stretched to the breaking point.

Clients are pulling you in different directions. Something is always falling through the cracks. Margins are slim.

Is this just the way #agencylife is meant to be?

No! There is a better way to run your agency.

To make it work for you, instead of vice versa.

You're in Great Company

“Everything is right there for us. We don't need to reinvent the wheel. The process from start to finish is laid out on a plate - you just need to implement.”


"I'm pleased to say that only after a couple of weeks of purchasing the program, we made our first sale. The client said that it was a no-brainer, made an instant decision and the sales price more than covered the cost of the training program.”


Our Proven Process

Step #1

The Client Journey

The Client Journey


Clarify who you help, their costly pain, and precisely how you help them, so that you can focus on mastering the key processes that deliver ROI for your clients.

Step #2

The Competition Killer

The Competition Killer


Create a stream of demand, improve your margins and close rate, shorten your agency sales process, and train clients to follow your proven process by starting with strategy. 

Step #3

The Machine

The Machine


Use documented processes inside a project management tool your team will actually use to deliver results at scale without being dependent on a few key team members. 

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What makes ZenPilot different?

Gray MacKenzie and Andrew Dymski - ZenPilot Founders

We’ve been where you are. Our agency started in a dorm room. We were fresh out of college with no book of business or corporate experience. We learned by trial and error. Our journey is marked by scars and bruises, but yours can should be different.

Over the last 8 years, we’ve been obsessed with one question:

How can agency owners build a sustainable business that delivers amazing results for clients without taking over their lives?

We’ve consulted with over 1,200 agencies. Worked with businesses on 6 continents. Interviewed 180+ successful agency owners. Invested over $700,000 of our own money building an agency project management tool from scratch.

We’ve distilled all of these experiences and lessons learned into a concise process that allows you to win without reinventing the wheel.

See how this works for your agency

Why do agencies struggle to scale?

You're an agency owner and you want to grow. Every agency needs a system that enables predictable growth.

But so many agency owners find themselves in a constant struggle for sanity and survival.

A recent report by HubSpot found that 60% of agencies struggle to find new clients and 43% struggle to find time to work on their business.

This leaves agency owners caught on the hamster wheel of market, sell, deliver, repeat — and they're in desperate need of a breakthrough.

We can help.

By leveraging our proven 3-step process, agency owners and their teams find clarity faster without wasting time in trial and error.

Our agency-proven templates, training, and consulting allow you to skip the "trial and error" phase and fast-track your path to success.

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Here's How to Get Started

Step 1

Watch the Training to Understand the Process

This detailed presentation lays out the three key systems you need for sustainable growth.

Most agency owners think they need another tool to get organized. They’re dead wrong. You need better systems before you mess around with yet another tool.

Step 2

Apply for an Agency Strategy Session

How do these systems apply in your situation?

Apply for a free strategy session and we’ll identify the obstacles that are holding you back. We'll create an action plan to achieve your goals and, if our program can help, we’ll share that with you.

Step 3

Launch with Agency Accelerator

We deliver our proven process with a blend of on-demand training, customizable assets, coaching, community, and a kick-butt project management platform loaded with pre-built, agency-tested processes.

We’re obsessed with your success, enabling quick wins, and building momentum.

Learn how you can implement proven processes and systems to scale your agency.

Watch the Training

Leverage Knowledge to Grow Smarter

Growing your agency is a journey. Each new phase brings new challenges. In the ZenPilot Learning Center, you’ll find the training, insight, and inspiration to grow the agency you love!

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