How to Customize Acuity Scheduling to Match Your Brand

Last week, in Episode #3 of Agency Toolbox, we walked through exactly how to set up Acuity Scheduling for your marketing agency. Today, I want to take the customization of Acuity Scheduling one step further and give you the resources to customize your scheduling page to match your agency's brand.

How to Customize Acuity Scheduling for Your Agency

1. Log into your Acuity Scheduling portal, head to "Client's Scheduling Page," customize any settings you want to change under "Appearance," and then head over to "Advanced CSS."

2. In the "Advanced CSS" section, you can only style HTML elements and class selectors, you won't be able to style any ID's using CSS. You can check out an example GuavaBox scheduling page here, and if you'd like to use my boilerplate CSS template to jumpstart your customizations, just fill out the form below and follow the instructions to get access to all of the Agency Toolbox Season 1 episodes.

Note: Once you have access to all episodes from Season 1, just skip to episode #4 (this one) and download the CSS boilerplate right there. You'll be all set!

How Do I Integrate Acuity Scheduling with HubSpot?

In Episode 5 of Agency Toolbox, I'll show you exactly how to create a simple HubSpot COS template for easy integration between Acuity Scheduling and your HubSpot website. Plus, I'll give you the template where you simply have to change the information on a single line of text to have your scheduling page ready to roll on your website.

If you want early access or just like having it all in one place, just fill out the form below to get started.

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