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Stop Saying "Yes" to Stuff You Don't Do (Or Shouldn't Be Doing)

In this episode of the Happy Client Show, Andrew and Ben talk about the importance of saying "no" as an agency owner.

At an agency, it feels we never have enough money coming in, or never enough business. So we do whatever we can to take on more work to get the money. We say "YES" to everything.

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Improve Your Agency Services by Gathering the Right Information

The fastest way to happy clients is only on-boarding the clients that are a great fit for your agency. That all starts in the sales process! Members of the sales team are the gate keepers to the agency. They control who gets access to the servicing team and how much information the client servicing team has at kickoff. 

In this video, Ben and I discuss specific things agencies can address in their sales process to really set their client servicing team up for success. With a few simple additions to your sales process, you can set you servicing team up for wild success! 

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How to Get Client Buy-In With a GamePlan Kick-Off

Buy-in is one of the most important things you can secure as an inbound agency. 

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Is the Client Always Right?

We're not pulling any punches here. 

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