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The Gravity Global Story: Streamlined Agency Operations with ZenPilot

Gray MacKenzie
Gray MacKenzie is a true operations nerd who has spent the past decade helping hundreds of agencies build more productive, profitable, and healthy teams by solving the core issues plaguing their project management.

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Business was booming for Gravity Global, but a big problem was bubbling under the surface. While clients were happy, and work was getting out of the door on time, a lack of high-level project visibility was affecting the agency’s efficiency and productivity.

Gravity Global had tried virtually every project management tool on the market, before deciding to give ClickUp a try.

Unfortunately, after 18 months of trial and error, they weren’t using ClickUp to its full capabilities, so they still lacked a single source of truth to show what was really happening with client projects.

Gravity Global hired ZenPilot to help them build robust processes, upskill their team and help them unlock powerful organizational data inside of ClickUp.

Who is Gravity Global?

Gravity Global is a full-service marketing communications agency. They help leading global B2B businesses transform using a strategic lens of ‘fame, admiration, and belief.’

What Was the Challenge?

“We knew that the work was getting done…but we didn’t have any insight into how it was getting done or if any problems were brewing.” -Allison Gibbs, VP of Operations

Gravity Global lacked visibility into how they were servicing their clients — and how projects were progressing — which brought significant operational risk. Particularly:

  • Account managers couldn’t answer client questions quickly.
  • Issues weren’t being identified before they became potential client fires.
  • Teams weren’t consistently held accountable for the work they were doing due to disconnected processes.
  • If projects spun off track, it took significant time and resources to find the source of the failure.
  • It was difficult to see which teams had capacity and which were overstretched.
  • Leadership didn’t have a high-level view into day-to-day operations.

The agency urgently needed to streamline its day-to-day operations, have better visibility into the activities of its teams, and be able to identify and measure critical KPIs.

What Was the Solution?

Gravity Global partnered with ZenPilot who:

  1. Benchmarked their current situation and developed a strategy to streamline production and client-facing activities.
  2. Restructured how Gravity Global organizes its tasks, so they are better visualized and managed.
  3. Trained, certified, and supported Gravity Global’s team.
  4. Developed and deployed the new system , along with dashboards and views to provide insights on performance, issues, and capacity.
  5. Provided ongoing support to collect data, optimize workflows and adapt systems as business needs evolved.

"We’d never hired an outside firm for anything like this before, but we decided we needed a proven expert to get us to a spot with ClickUp that was going to make our operations stronger."

Allison Gibbs VP of Operations

Fast-Forward: What Does ClickUp Provide Gravity Global With Now?

Since implementing ClickUp with ZenPilot, Gravity Global has seen:

  • Projects are completed faster and with fewer issues.
  • Efficiency and productivity improved agency-wide
  • 87% of clients self-describe as "fully satisfied with no issues"
  • Management decisions are driven by data.
  • PM systems are easily scalable — and designed to make Gravity Global more profitable and successful.

Allison explained, "Everybody knows exactly what they're supposed to do now and the pieces that need to be there for it to be done. More importantly, those of us who need to can do a quality assurance check to ensure everybody’s doing what they should be."

With ClickUp working to its fullest capabilities, Gravity Global has clear data-driven insights, which enable better management decisions on everything from scheduling to resourcing.

Working with ZenPilot has dramatically improved efficiency and productivity across the agency.

“ZenPilot has got us all rowing in the same direction and it’s very clear that our operations are much smoother now and we’re able to get through things much quicker. ZenPilot has alleviated a lot of confusion and stress for the team, improved our communication and collaboration, and ensured people have fewer questions and do the job faster. We’re headed in a much stronger direction than we were before.”

Allison Gibbs VP of Operations, Gravity Global

Next Steps: Implement ClickUp for Agencies Without the Friction

We’ve worked with thousands of agency teams like Gravity Global to help them streamline their processes and project management in ClickUp.

We’d love to do the same for you and to get started, you can schedule a call with our team here.

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