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How to Use Discovery Projects to Land Your Ideal Clients

In this episode of Agency Journey, Dan Kraus from Leading Results shares his story and the importance of discovery projects.

Dan has a background in software but saw the importance of marketing in generating leads and seeing that was a consistent pain point. He began as a marketing consultant and Duct Tape Marketing, before becoming a full agency.

Leading Results focuses on strategy, execution, and some websites and they rely on HubSpot as an all in one solution.

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How to End the Chaos and Build a Profitable Agency

In this episode of Agency Journey, Josh Coffy from Flight Media is on the show to share his insights about going from a full service and hectic agency to a streamlined and profitable business.

Josh got his start on freelancing sites, picking up any work he could get at any price. The chaos became overwhelming, and he made the transition to building a focused digital agency.

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How to Improve Your Marketing with Data

In this episode of Agency Journey, Pete Brand from MINDSCAPE comes on the show to discuss growing his agency, tracking results, and Growth Driven Design (GDD).

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How to Improve Your Web Design Process with Clients

In this episode of Agency Journey, Gray interviews Ulf Lonegren from Roketto about growing their agency and their web design process.

Roketto has primarily focused on websites but transitioned into inbound as the agency has grown over the years.

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How to Start a Marketing Agency with a Full-Time Job

In this episode of Agency Journey, Jes Schroeder from Ideas Factory and Red Tomato about starting an agency on the side of a full-time job.

Jes moved to Medellin, Colombia from Australia where she works for Red Tomato. She decided that she could use her marketing skills on the side to help businesses in Colombia.

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How to Strategically Brand Your Clients' Businesses

In this episode of Agency Journey, Gray interviews Felipe Zorzi from Agencia GDM about starting his agency and their branding process for clients.Starting out, Felipe worked with large brands at a big advertising agency.

But, due to his background, he had friends begin asking him for assistance on marketing and branding their businesses. He realized he felt more passion and joy working with smaller companies and brands than large ones, and made a move to start his agency.

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How to Build Your Digital Agency, Create Products, and Grow Your Brand

In this episode of Agency Journey, Gray interviews Mike Rhodes from WebSavvy and AgencySavvy about building his agency, growing his personal brand, and productizing info products for other agencies.

Starting from the beginning by starting an internet cafe in the late 1990s, Mike then began to explore the world of online marketing in 2006 with an event with Perry Marshall and some of the biggest names of online marketing. He became hooked and dove into the world of AdWords, eventually starting WebSavvy to help out other businesses.

Mike brings a wealth of experience and insights to this interview.

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How to Build an Agency and Software at the Same Time

In this episode of Agency Journey, Andrew interviews Charles Drengberg from Big Presence and Belch.io about building his agency and how his team also makes software for agencies and businesses.

Several years ago Charles left his job in business development and seeing the importance of inbound marketing began his agency. They now work with high-tech, SaaS, and manufacturing companies to help them deliver results online.

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How to Use Software to Differentiate Your Agency

In this episode from Agency Journey, Gray interviews Mike Donnelly from Seventh Sense about building software in the agency space and how agencies can use technology to differentiate from the competition.

Mike’s background is in enterprise technology sales, where he learned the hard way how difficult it can be to get ahold of decision makers. He would often contact the individual but the message was never read or heard. He began to discover patterns with individuals and discovering what times work for them.

This gave him the idea of predictive software to discover the best time to contact individuals. Seventh Sense now helps businesses optimize email send times for both email blasts and nurture sequences. 

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How Marketing Agencies Can Dominate Video Marketing in 2018

In this episode of Agency Journey, Andrew interviews George B. Thomas from the Sales Lion about how agencies can get started and get the most out of their video marketing.

Video content is exploding, and agencies need to be able to understand the importance of video marketing for themselves and their clients.

Over at the Sales Lion, they use a variety of different videos styles and channels to improve and grow their video content audience. Their focus is on education, and they position themselves as an educational hub.

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