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How to Unlock Hidden Revenue for Clients with a Non-Traditional Agency Model

In this episode we're joined by Tristan Ruml from Tortuga. Tristan is a former member of the ZenPilot team. When we were in the midst of our transition from DoInbound to ZenPilot, we had to let Tristan go.

This is the story of how he rebounded and discovered an unconventional niche that he loves!

Tristan knew he didn't want to build the traditional agency. But he didn't have a clear vision for what he was going to build.

At the core he didn't know exactly what pains he was trying to solve. So to figure it out, he began interviewing and networking with hundreds of businesses and his past client experiences and successes. The pains and opportunity to build a unique business around them became obvious.

These business owners didn't need shiny tactics. A lot were burned out or frustrated with how they had spent money on marketing.

They needed someone who would work with them to find opportunities for growth but in a different way than they had heard before.

He discovered that his past results and what clients were excited about was seeing how to uncover and cash in on untapped revenue streams and optimize current ones in the leanest way possible. It could be as simple as re-positioning an offer, fixing a sales script, or sending out some targeted emails to generate a lot of revenue for a business.

They didn't care if it was an agency. In fact, they also loved the idea of someone that could work with them and connect them find the right agencies to work with for certain pieces of implementation. 

What I love about Tristan's approach is how he places the client at the center of everything.

In his process he breaks down the business, discovers hidden assets that were there the whole time, and leverages them to increase revenue and grow the business. 

Enjoy the episode! 


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