How to Set up the Best Google Drive Folder System for Your Agency

Google Drive folder organization isn't the most exciting topic, but if you work at a marketing agency, you understand the importance of a strong system for file management. In the previous episode of Agency Toolbox, we compared Google Drive and Dropbox, laid out the pros and cons, and I shared why our agency chose Google Drive as our file management application.

Today, we're getting into the nuts and bolts of the best Google Drive folder system for agencies. I'll share our structure at GuavaBox with the intention of giving you a starting point to create or improve your agency's file management system. 

Google Drive Folder System for Agencies:

Why Implement a Folder System in the First Place?

The big benefit of an established, logical folder structure is efficiency. You can train your team on the underlying principles and avoid the hassle and headaches associated with searching for a file that you need, but having no clue where to find it.

In the beginning, it's not a big deal if you have to sort through a little bit of clutter to find that image, text file, or report, but as you add clients and your files continue to pile up, it quickly turns into a nightmare if you don't have a solid infrastructure from the beginning.

What's the Best Agency Folder Structure in Google Drive?

The best structure depends on your agency, but I recommend some variation of the following:

  1. Client Files - create sub-folders for each client, then sub-folders again based on the a template folder for each client. Watch the video episode to see the template folders we use.
  2. Marketing - your own marketing assets. Make sure it's easy for all team members to quickly find the collateral they need.
  3. Sales - use this for sales material, CRM files, contracts, boilerplates, presentations, etc.
  4. Operations - use this folder for your HR, legal, finance, and operations file management.
  5. Past Customers - use this folder for archived materials. If you've completed a client project or ended a relationship, transition those files to the archive here.

Do you have a folder structure in place?

I'd love to hear how your agency stays organized. Leave a comment below to share or ask any follow-up questions.

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