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The Best Live Chat Tool for Agencies

Live chat has become an incredibly effective tool for connecting with prospects at the prime moment when they are on your website and looking for answers.

The standard goal for response time used to be one business day, now with live chat, it's a matter of minutes.

We have tried a variety of live chat platforms and discuss the pros and cons of each and which is the best fit for agencies to get started with.

Whether live chat is something you are either currently doing and you are trying to become more effective with it, or something you have just begun to consider, this episode should be helpful!

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Best Calendar Scheduling App for Inbound Sales Reps

There are a ton of different meeting apps out there to help make it easier for prospects and clients to schedule a time to connect.

We have tried quite a few at our own agency but there are three in particular that stood out as the best options.

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The 8 Best Features of HubSpot Sales Pro and the HubSpot CRM

Over here at ZenPilot, we are avid HubSpot Sales Pro users. We spent A LOT of hours establishing a sales process for our agency (GuavaBox) in the HubSpot CRM and then took that knowledge and expanded upon it when we started our SaaS company.

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Why Your Agency Shouldn't Use HubSpot Sales for Your Team

One of the most frequent questions Gray and I are asked is which CRM is the best for an inbound marketing agency to use. We are HubSpot Sales Pro users, however, we have tried quite a few others before landing with the HubSpot CRM.

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How to Decide if Your Agency Should Become a HubSpot Partner

Once you decide that you are going to be offering inbound marketing as a core service you need to figure out which marketing automation platform to partner with. 

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What is the Best Tool to Create Contracts for Agency Clients

Creating contracts for clients can be a time-consuming process. So can testing out software after software trying to find the right solution. 

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How to use a Digital Calculator to Clearly Communicate Value

In the past two episodes we have discussed what numbers we use in the Inbound Revenue Calculator and how it helps you connect with prospects. This episode is all about value. 

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The 5 Magic Numbers of the Inbound Revenue Calculator

The key to a successful digital calculator is picking the correct numbers to focus on. Too many, your prospects get lost. Too few and not enough value is conveyed.

In this episode of Inbound Sales Journey we break down the 5 numbers we use in the Inbound Revenue Calculator.

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How Digital Calculators Help You Connect With Prospects

Digital calculators have been popping up like crazy over the past few years.

Not just in the inbound space either, tons of industries have seen the value in using calculators to convey quick and clear value to customers.

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How to Use Live Chat to Engage Your Prospects

How long should you wait to follow up with a prospect? A day, an hour?

In my opinion, they are both too long. The correct answer is seconds.

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