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ZenPilot Announces New Profitability & Utilization Reports For Agencies

Jeff Cypher
Jeff Cypher is a marketing consultant turned operations nerd who has helped hundreds of agencies fix chaotic project management and stop needlessly hopping from one PM tool to the next.

PITTSBURGH, October 23rd, 2023 - ZenPilot, the leading ClickUp solutions partner for digital agencies, announced today the launch of their new Profitability and Utilization Reports - a powerful analytics and reporting solution designed to help agency owners, directors, and operators unlock greater profitability, productivity, and scalability.

After working closely with over 2,700 agencies of all sizes to streamline their operations, the ZenPilot team uncovered a consistent and critical pain point - most agencies lack adequate visibility into core metrics like profitability, capacity, utilization, and productivity.

Without access to accurate, up-to-date data, agencies end up being forced to make important business decisions based on guesstimates, intuition, and gut feelings rather than facts. This leads to missed opportunities for growth, profitability, and scaling.

"We saw agencies struggling day after day to piece together a clear picture of how their business was performing using makeshift spreadsheets and manual processes," said Andrew Dymski, Co-Founder of ZenPilot. "There had to be a better way - so we built one."

ZenPilot's Profitability and Utilization Reports solve this problem by seamlessly integrating real-time data from ClickUp with financial information to generate interactive interactive dashboards and detailed reports embedded right inside your ClickUp dashboards.

Key features include:
  1. Profitability Analysis: Understand profit margins by client, project, service offering, department and more. Identify your most and least profitable areas.
  2. Capacity Planning: Assess utilization rates for roles and teams. Spot overworked or underworked employees. Rightsize your agency.
  3. Time Visibility: Evaluate accuracy of time estimates versus actuals. Benchmark planning processes.
  4. Contract Management: Understand how contracts are performing - budgets, costs, burn rates, profit, etc.

"With our new Profitability and Utilization Reports, agencies will gain unprecedented visibility into how profitable they really are," said Dymski. "No more flying blind when making big business decisions - our clients can now leverage data-driven insights to boost their growth."

The reports integrate seamlessly with an agency's ClickUp workspace. The dashboards auto-refresh with real-time data, requiring no manual manipulation or complex implementation.

They are purpose-built for digital agency owners, directors, account managers, project managers, and operators who need accurate and up-to-date insights to optimize their business and unlock new levels of performance.

"After working with thousands of agencies, we have a intimate understanding of the exact metrics and reporting they need to make better business decisions," said Gray MacKenzie, Co-Founder of ZenPilot. "We didn't just build a generic analytics tool. We solved the specific problems that have caused agencies headaches for years."

A Powerful Solution Built Just for Agencies

While business intelligence and data visualization tools exist in the market, none are tailored specifically for the needs of digital agencies - until now.

ZenPilot's reports combine a deep understanding of agency operations, project management, and resource planning with best-in-class data analytics capabilities.

"We firmly believe data-driven visibility is the key to helping agencies unlock their full potential," said Dymski. "However, we don't just provide reports - our team becomes a trusted partner to help agencies implement processes to continuously improve performance over time."

ZenPilot is currently accepting early access requests for the Profitability and Utilization Reports. Learn more and request a demo at

"ZenPilot has been a trusted partner of ClickUp since 2018, and they’ve done an amazing job working with agencies to take the guesswork out of agency operations. At ClickUp, we believe in empowering our partners to build solutions on top of our platform to drive value for our customers, and ZP’s profitability tool is a perfect example. We look forward to seeing the impact this can drive in our ecosystem!"

Curtis Posner Curtis Posner Head of Partner Development & Strategic Alliances, ClickUp

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