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How to Build a HubSpot Platinum Partner Agency

Gray MacKenzie
Gray MacKenzie is a true operations nerd who has spent the past decade helping hundreds of agencies build more productive, profitable, and healthy teams by solving the core issues plaguing their project management.

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In this episode of Inbound Agency Journey, Gray interviews Charles McKay of Synx in Melbourne, Australia.

Here are the three main takeaways from Charle’s experience growing Synx into a Hubspot Platinum Partner.

Know How to Explain and Sell Value

This is key with a competitive digital marketing space. You need to be able to explain and demonstrate the value of inbound.

During the sales process, you need to show how it will transform the client’s business. You have to be honest, and set expectations as well.

Inbound takes a lot of work and isn’t a quick fix for a business. It involves a lot across the board.

Setting this up right in the sales process will reduce client headaches and always justifying your price.

You also need to focus on solving their problem and not the tactics. You’re not just selling a blogging service which they can hire someone to do for them at $4 an hour.

You’re selling the solution to their business pains.

Charles also explains how they show value with a client by working with the company’s sales team. Working with sales will get you better results and help the client feel the effects more.

You’ll want to work with sales to improve lead quality, and the difference in handling and closing inbound leads.

Sell to Businesses That Can Afford You and Will Invest in Results

Inbound is a lot of work. There needs to be a demonstrated value to what you’re doing, and clients need to take the time to see the results.

With smaller businesses, they’re more likely to switch platforms and vendors, which makes it harder for them to feel the effects of inbound.

However, bigger companies when they adopt a platform like Hubspot are prepared for a time, money and energy investment. 

They’re locked into making it work for three to five years before trying something new. They’re more likely to invest and see the results. This will make for much happier clients and less stress for your agency.

Also, small improvements in a large business’s marketing can have a big image and you’re more likely to get paid well for these results.

These two things are important to be aware of when qualifying companies you want to work with.

Develop Playbooks that You Can Rely on for Results

As you continue to grow your agency and get results, you want to make things replicable. You’ll be more productive and more confident in your ability to hit their business goals if you do.

You know if you execute these playbooks and processes it’ll help the client and improve their results making your life easier.

You can set these up based on the results the client is looking for like increased conversions, more leads, revenue growth, etc.

Having things set to be used with clients allows you to more quickly scale and prove your value early on in the engagement.

Charle’s journey from his family’s sheep farm to Hubspot Platinum Partner is a great inspiration for all agency owners on their entrepreneurial journey.

You can connect with Charles here on Twitter.

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