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How Agency Owners Can Provide the Structure Their Team Members Crave with Clodagh Higgins

There is a distinct mindset difference between agency owners and their team members. Being an entrepreneur brings a natural tendency to thrive in uncharted waters.

We love to go out and create new things. This idea brings us life and keeps us moving forward.

But what brings us life can set others up to fail. 


On this episode, we're joined by Clodagh Higgins from Grow It Group. Clodagh is an agency consultant and author of the recent book A Happy and Healthy Digital Agency. Clodagh shares how to structure a team so everyone is positioned to win. 

By definition, if you've started a business you're at least competent at building something from nothing. But there comes a point where you need to be able to scale your team if you want to grow revenue. 

At this point, it is critical to realize what team members want in their job. You can't simple hire people who are just like you. You want to be looking for people who can fill a specific role within your process. 

As the team grows, you'll find it is important to hire someone who is responsible for managing your team.

Topics: Hiring

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