Why Your Inbound Sales Reps Need Their Own Brand

In this episode of Inbound Sales Journey, Gray and Ryan discuss the benefits of sales reps having personal brands and how to get started building them.

Here are the main advantages of a sales rep having their brand.

Overcome Defenses

Due to the reputation of sales, many people immediately have their guards up when talking to a sales rep. They're skeptical of bold promises and have built up walls.

Having a personal brand overcomes these defenses.

It makes you likable and a trusted advisor rather than someone pushing the latest shiny object.

Develops Relationship

Having a personal brand makes prospects feel like they already know you.

They've consumed a lot of your content, heard your voice, and seen your face. This establishes a sense of a relationship.

People buy from people they like and trust.

If a sales rep has a personal brand, they can build these important aspects online.

Builds Authority and Credibility

Someone speaking on stage is seen as more knowledgeable, and the same applies online. Having quality content educating about concepts related to your service builds credibility.

The rep builds clout.

Having a personal brand makes sales MUCH easier!

To get started developing a personal brand, have your reps begin producing content under their own name.

To have the best effect, have them create videos and podcasts. These mediums personalize sales reps so much more than a blog post.

Get started today building your sales reps' brands and start selling more!

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