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The 3 Things Your Agency Needs to do to Sell More Websites

In this episode of Inbound Sales Journey, Ryan and Gray explain three ways to help your agency sell more websites.

At GuavaBox, we use COS leads to point clients towards purchasing GamePlans or getting them on a retainer. From there, we work to upsell them onto the purchasing a website. During this time, we've learned three things have helped us close more deals.

1. Sell to the Personality

We cover the BOLT concept in an earlier podcast episode. Essentially, there are four primary personality types that people have when they make a purchase. For example, one prospect may be laid back and easy going while another will be assertive and no-nonsense. Depending on the style, it changes how you react to the client.

We can often get locked into a particular personality type for us that is comfortable. However, this isn't good if you want to sell more. For example, if you're mild-mannered, then selling to an aggressive person will likely be difficult. Your communication styles won't match, and the aggressive person will not feel comfortable buying from you. However, matching the personality of a particular prospect during the call will help you. It can quickly change the conversation and build trust.

During selling, you also want to be upfront and honest at all times. You need to be determining if the lead is a good fit for your agency, just as much as they're evaluating you. You want to make sure clients are the right fit. You will be surprised at a prospects respect for you if you behave as if you don’t need the business.

By respecting your business and time, prospects realize that they need to put work into being the right person for your business. Being honest as well about what you can and can’t do, or won’t do is important as well. You want to be up front with issues right away, so there are no surprises later on.

Being transparent with prospects no matter the personality is essential for profitable and healthy client relationships. If you want to learn more about these personalities, be sure to check out Ryan’s episode covering the personalities.

2. Have a Process to Sell

Make sure you have a process laid out ahead of time for sales, including what you need from the client. Often prospects make demands and agencies rush to research and answer them. This can consume hours of your time while the prospect isn’t invested in this process. Turn it around on them and require them to do homework!

You need to know what you’re getting into as an agency. This will make the client more invested in the process as well. It will also train them to contribute to make the engagement work. With this information from the client, you’ll also have a clearer picture for an estimate. 

You should also have a resource library to give to them to work through or material that you can use to sell them on your agency. You want to do all you can avoid a bad client relationship.

It's also important to see where you put your time. Understand how many phone calls you want to have with the client so you can best allocate your time. This way, you aren't stuck wasting your time on a client who won't close and instead are working with the most qualified prospects. Having a sales process will keep things organized for you as an agency and more efficient. You'll also be able to adapt when the situation requires it without scrambling.

3. Experiment with Different Forms of Contract and Proposals

Have a process for how the contract and proposals are finalized. At GuavaBox, we get a verbal commitment once we discuss the estimate and answer any questions on the phone. Only once there is a verbal commitment, do we send over project scope, legal documents, proposal, and kick-off process. This saves you time and effort.

Also, by getting prospects on the phone, you’re more likely to be able to close them and address any questions. The phone is an excellent way to build a relationship. Talking through contracts and proposals will help you increase your chance of closing the deal.

Ryan and Gray deliver a lot of value in this episode. These three actionable tactics will improve your chance of selling more websites.

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Topics: Sales, Processes, Best Practices

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