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How We Grew Our Marketing Agency Leads by 80x in 9 Months

In this episode of Inbound Agency Journey, Gray and Ryan talk about their experience growing GuavaBox.

They explore what marketing and lead generation efforts worked best. Here are the two primary insights from GuavaBox's growth.

Use Your Network

When you're getting started, you need to find leads fast.

In the early days, the team reached out to their network of family and friends and found out what people needed.

At this stage, everyone at GuavaBox was a sales person and account manager. Everyone was wearing several hats.

When you do this, you're going to get mixed results.

You're going to get a variety of projects, and when you're starting, you'll probably be saying yes to them.

You'll likely take on projects you shouldn't and have a fair share of headaches.

This period can also be feast or famine for a young agency. But when starting out, it's a proven way to get your business off the ground and money coming in.

Market Yourself

Once the money was there, the team realized that they were all over the place and scattered.

They weren't getting consistent leads. They kept having to scramble for business or rely on referrals.

When GuavaBox became a Hubspot partner in 2012, and after using the platform, the team realized they needed to focus.

They decided to eat their dog food and market themselves. This is the period where they became serious about building a business.

They created "batch days", which is where the entire team would have a scheduled time each week to create content. They would develop landing pages, blog content, funnels, content offers, social posts, and whatever else to get their message out.

By dedicating a focused time each week, GuavaBox was able to start producing a lot more content and leads started pouring in.

They began to go after the niches they were interested in and grow the business.

For GuavaBox at the time, marketing themselves meant primarily content marketing, but it can be any channel that works for you.

By doing the work, your marketing will help you consistently generate high-quality leads.

Most agencies struggle for extended periods of time with inconsistency in lead generation. Uncertainty with money will wear you and your team down.

Taking the time to focus on your marketing efforts and treat your business as your best client will take you to the next level for your agency.

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