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How to Create Urgency When Selling Inbound Marketing

In this episode of Inbound Sales Journey, we discuss how to create urgency with inbound marketing prospects.

At this point in the journey, companies are looking to become more educated about inbound. They may even acknowledge it as a marketing practice they would consider implementing. 

The problem is this—saying and doing are two very different things. There are a lot of moving parts and effort that goes into inbound. Prospects need to have a sense of urgency to make the change to inbound marketing. 

Some common ways we hear this objection come up are as follows:

  • "I am not sure my team does not have the resources to commit to this right now." 
  • "I am not sure I have the time to begin an inbound campaign right now."


What the Prospect is Really Saying

Frankly, the prospect could be saying a lot of different things with these objections. 

They could be telling the truth and have legitimate concerns about implementing inbound now.

They could be politely telling you to take a hike. 

Or, more likely, they could be telling you, "I hear what you are saying, but why should I implement inbound marketing right now?"

It is your job to figure out what they are saying as quickly as possible. 


Creating Urgency

The key to creating urgency is understanding real pain. There is an opportunity presented to you when a prospect tells you they may not be ready for inbound. 

The opportunity to cut through the fluff and dig right into where their pain truly lies. 

There is one truth you need to remind yourself whenever presented with passive prospect—they are on the phone with you for a reason. People do not call agencies on a daily basis for fun. There is a real pain point and odds are you have not fully uncovered it yet.

Here are some questions to ask to help get right to the pain point.

  • "Are you satisfied with the results marketing you do now is producing?"
  • "What is it about your current situation that is causing you to look for a better alternative?"
  • "Are your current marketing efforts going to carry you toward the goals we discussed earlier?"

The prospect will begin to open up with these questions. They will begin to explain where the true pain lies. 

The Cost of Inaction

Without change, improvement cannot take place. Every prospect you speak with needs improvement. That is why they have decided to give you the time to have a conversation. 

If the prospect does not change their approach to marketing their problem will not go away. Have them acknowledge this point. 

The cost of not changing now means pushing back success. 

We all know inbound marketing is not a quick fix. It takes time. It is the delayed gratification model that will lead them to success. Don't just make the conversation about the present but steer them toward the future. 

What is their alternative plan? If inbound is a good fit for this prospect you should be able to explain to them why it is better than the alternatives.


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