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Podcast hosted by Andrew Dymski & Gray MacKenzie

Building Software as an Agency and Generating Leads with Quizzes

In this episode of Agency Journey, Gray interviews Jeremy Ellens from Yazamo and LeadQuizzes about starting his agency, productizing a service, and creating a SaaS product.

Jeremy and his business partner started their web agency Yazamo in 2012 while in college. Beginning in web development, they soon saw that the pressing need for clients was lead generation. Their most successful lead generation campaigns for a client involved a hormone quiz. Seeing the success of the quiz, they decided to create a productized service around it which then became LeadQuizzes. LeadQuzizes now brings in over $1 million a year.

Here are the main takeaways from the interview:

How to Use and Create Quizzes

Quiz creation is still underutilized by a lot of brands online. Powered by an ad or on a website, a quiz can generate a lot of high-quality leads. The most common places Jeremy and his team see clients use quizzes are with Facebook ads and then on websites.

To start out, marketers may have a difficult time thinking up what questions to ask for a quiz. LeadQuizzes researches forums, websites like Quora, and popular quizzes in the client's niche. It isn't as daunting as it may seem at first.

Tips on Using Quizzes

Have the offer at the end and upsell from there. Depending on the quiz and product, you want to make the offer a the end relevant. It could be a cheaper product, a webinar, or a phone call for a high-ticket product. It's critical the offer at the end of the quiz is the key to making a quiz a game changer for a business.

Keep the quiz simple. Rather than complicating the quiz like a survey, use a lot of yes or no questions. This makes it easier for prospects to breeze through and give information that can be used to segment the audience later on. The easier it is, the more leads an agency will be able to generate. If it’s too complicated, then qualified prospects may be frustrated and not finish the quiz.

Capture the lead information at the end of the Quiz. Many marketers will try and collect an email before the quiz, so they have it, but Jeremy recommends it at the end. This will make it more likely for people to take the quiz. Once they’ve gone all the way through and committed that time and energy to it, they’ll readily enter their email. That contact will be more qualified given that they’ve gone through your quiz.

How to Transition from Service to Product

Like many agencies, Yazamo wanted to create a product for their business they could sell to clients and use for themselves. The way they did this was straightforward. They found a thriving service they were running. Then they turned it into a productized service (lead generation with quizzes) that they then could sell to clients as well as other agencies. Using the revenue generated by the service, they could then could pay team members and contractors to build the software.

By taking these gradual steps towards product creation instead of jumping right, Jeremy and his team were able to more easily fund the software, reduce risk, and uncover what clients wanted. The result is a software product that is aligned with their target audience.

If you want to learn more about Yazamo or LeadQuizzes, you can check out their websites and reach out to Jeremy there.


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