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Podcast hosted by Andrew Dymski & Gray MacKenzie

In this episode of Agency Journey, Josh Coffy from Flight Media is on the show to share his insights about going from a full service and hectic agency to a streamlined and profitable business.

Josh got his start on freelancing sites, picking up any work he could get at any price. The chaos became overwhelming, and he made the transition to building a focused digital agency.

Here are the main takeaways from the interview:

Focus on Your Building Your Agency

One of the main topics that Josh talks about is the level of chaos that was at his agency while he was starting and running it. It was pretty much driving him insane, and the agency was known for nothing.

He said yes to every project. Yes to every price. The referrals they were getting for business were all over the board.

Then it clicked.

Randomness doesn’t allow you to build a scalable agency.

What Josh needed to do was take out time to decide what kind of business he was building and if he was going to put in the hard work to grow a business rather than a scattered freelancer life.

Making this decision, though a complicated process, has given him an agency and lifestyle that suits him. He can now focus on his strengths and work on the big vision for Flight Media.

Focus on an Ideal Customer

One of the main things that agencies get wrong is qualifying leads and finding their ideal clients. Working with your ideal fit clients means that you can become more profitable, do work you enjoy, and create an agency that is more controlled.

You won’t be busy putting out as many client fires since you’ll have done the work to make sure that the client is a fit for your business.

Josh’s sales process starts by creating content for this ideal client, then getting them on a call for a free assessment. From there, they upsell into a service or a “Runway.”

A Runway is similar to a GamePlan which is a paid in-depth dive into the business and then a presentation of the findings. It breaks down the client’s marketing needs and outlines the roadmap to get them to where they want to go. After presenting this document, Flight Media or the client will get a feel if the partnership is a fit.

Focus on Your Core Services

Another way that Josh has honed in his processes and agency is by focusing on just a few core services. This allows Flight Media to focus on their strengths, deliver client success, and build tight processes to create consistent results.

At his agency, they focus on Inbound Marketing, Web Design, and Sales Consulting.

By reducing it to these three services, Flight Media no longer has referrals for business that isn’t ideal for his agency. Flight Media is now able to deliver better results for clients and become more profitable.

If you’re interested in connecting with Josh, you can reach him on LinkedIn or on the Flight Media website.


Tristan Ruml

Tristan Ruml

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