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How to Start Documenting Processes Without Feeling Overwhelmed

In this episode of the Happy Client Show, Andrew and Ben discuss how you can start documenting processes.

Documenting processes is something that every agency owner knows they need to do, but struggle to actually do it.

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Stop Saying "Yes" to Stuff You Don't Do (Or Shouldn't Be Doing)

In this episode of the Happy Client Show, Andrew and Ben talk about the importance of saying "no" as an agency owner.

At an agency, it feels we never have enough money coming in, or never enough business. So we do whatever we can to take on more work to get the money. We say "YES" to everything.

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The Secret Power of Documenting Processes as You Go

In this episode of the Happy Client Show, Andrew and Ben dive into the benefits of documenting processes as you go.

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How to Run the Best Discovery Meeting of Your Client's Life

The first 30-90 days of a client relationship is the most important phase of the journey. It is your opportunity to put up or shut up as an agency.

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How to Write a Contract Between Your Agency and a Client

How solid are your agency/client contracts?

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5 Steps to the Best Client Onboarding Ever

In a new inbound partnership, the onboarding phase is your make or break time period. 

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4 Reporting Methods That Will Absolutely Delight Your Clients

In our office, we make coffee with fresh-ground beans from the roaster down the street and then hand brew it with the Chemex brewing system. Here's a quick look at Andrew brewing Chemex style: 

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