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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

8 Attributes of Successful Agency Sales Reps

Gray MacKenzie
Gray MacKenzie is a true operations nerd who has spent the past decade helping hundreds of agencies build more productive, profitable, and healthy teams by solving the core issues plaguing their project management.

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In this episode, Gray and I each dive into what you should be looking for when hiring an inbound marketing agency sales rep.

The 8 Key Attributes

We discuss in depth why these attributes are so important, particularly when selling marketing services. 

Here Are the 8 Key Attributes We Discuss:

  1. Quick Learner
  2. Strong Communication Skills
  3. Cares About the Customer
  4. Ability to Ask Great Questions
  5. Strong Rapport Builder
  6. Personal Responsibility
  7. Sharing Attitude
  8. Passion and Belief

The Breakdown

Quick Learner

This attribute is particularly important when bringing in a new hire from an outside industry. This was my case coming to GuavaBox and having a background in new home construction.


Not only is switching industries different, but also learning to sell a service rather than a product can be a challenge. Keep that in mind when looking at a new rep’s experience and history.

If the new rep is a quick learner, a lack of experience should not be a deal breaker. In fact, sometimes it can bring a fresh perspective.

Strong Communication Skills

Being able to communicate well with customers is an obvious need of every sales person in the world. What you need to make sure of is that they are also good at communicating with your team.

Different agencies have different dynamics and expectations of communication. Think culture. Will the new sales person be able to effectively communicate with your team?

Cares About the Customer

I’ve worked with a lot of different sales people with many different motivations. One thing I learned quickly was that the most successful sales reps were the ones that genuinely cared about their customers. 

People want to buy from people they trust. 


A genuine caring for another person is hard to fake. Finding a sales person who loves sales because it allows them to connect with people will make a huge difference. Those are the reps that will be the most successful.

Ability to Ask Great Questions

Agency sales people need to have great business minds. The new sales person will be communicating with different types of people across multiple industries.

Asking the right questions is the key to uncovering the real pain of the customer. Not being able to uncover the real pain won’t lead to providing the right solution. 

Strong Rapport Builder

Ready for a bold statement? 

90% of selling is rapport building. I don’t care how great your agency is at providing fantastic services. Without that connection, it’s going to be difficult to sell.

Personal Responsibility

Sales is like a roller coaster.


Sometimes you are flying down that first drop, and sometimes you’re making that slow, grueling climb to the top hoping for the sale that will carry your over the edge to victory.

What does that analogy have to do with personal responsibility?

I have worked with too many reps that blame “their situation” on outside factors. The good ones though realize that they were the ones that hopped on the ride and are prepared to take it. The good reps overcome obstacles and don’t place blame on others for slow months.

I hate to go here, but in the words of Shia LaBeouf: “Just do it.”


Sharing Attitude

Good sales reps don’t fear the success of others. I’ve worked with many reps who like to keep their “sales secrets” to themselves.

A good agency rep needs to understand the value in both sharing their own tips and actively seeking after new tips for themselves.

Passion and Belief

What really makes an agency sales person great? A belief in the agency and the services it offers. 


The best sales reps are wildly passionate about both the company they sell for and the product or service they offer to their customers. 

Belief breeds passion and passion fuels excitement. The new sales rep needs to be able get your prospects excited about working with your agency. Which means they need to believe and be passionate about their new position.

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