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The Quest for a Unified Theory of Client Service at #INBOUND14

Bobby, what is it exactly that you do?

Bobby's mom got a roundabout answer, but Robert Solomon (author of The Art of Client Service and founder of Solomon Strategic) shared his valuable experience with HubSpot Partners during HubSpot's INBOUND 2014 Conference.

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The Profitable Agency with @PaulRoetzer at #Inbound14

Paul Roetzer is the CEO of PR20/20 and the first agency to join HubSpot's VAR program. He is a thought leader in the industry and is always sharing resources with the inbound community. He is the author of the Marketing Agency Blueprint and the Marketing Performance Blueprint.

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Welcome to the Party! Morning Keynote Recap #Inbound14

Inbound 2014 kicked off this morning in Boston, MA to a packed house at the Boston Convention Center. This year is bigger than ever! 

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How to Integrate HubSpot Forms with LeadPages

The other day, Andrew was working with a client who was trying to find out how to integrate HubSpot forms with LeadPages.

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Discover the Secret to Long-Term Client Retention

I remember the experience like it was yesterday. We had just signed our second inbound marketing retainer client. I was so excited, I had to look down to see cloud nine!

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Eager: A Pain-Free App Store For Your Website?

I'm not a rock-star developer. I've been building websites for 6+ years, but I'm still no JavaScript ninja.

During my short career, I've built hundreds of websites and had success because I knew where to go to get answers, I could find code that works, and I bugged smart people until they surrendered the answers.

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Two Lessons Scotch Taught Me About Building a Software Company

I've learned two things about fine Scotch. First, it is best when consumed in the company of great friends. Second, the older it is, the more refined it becomes. 

Mike Hollis and I sat on my couch, sipping a Lagavulin 16 year, neat as always. Mike broke several moments of relaxed silence, "So, I think I'm ready to give that inbound product idea a shot."

Mike was hungry to learn a new software coding language and break away from the constraints of his 9-5 job. Gray and I were hungry to craft a system to scale our inbound marketing agency.

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