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How Recording 100 Podcast Episodes Made Us Better at Sales

Gray MacKenzie
Gray MacKenzie is a true operations nerd who has spent the past decade helping hundreds of agencies build more productive, profitable, and healthy teams by solving the core issues plaguing their project management.

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In this 100th episode of Inbound Sales Journey, Ryan and Gray talk about how recording 100 podcast episodes have improved their sales skills.

Here are the main benefits discussed in this episode:

It Builds a Brand and Audience

Podcasting was the primary method of building ZenPilot.

ZenPilot has run four different podcasts addressing different needs of an agency.

Each has helped us grow our brands and build an audience of engaged and smart agency owners.

It’s been great not only to grow a business but also connect and meet agency owners.

The agency community has given us a lot, so it’s great being able to connect and give back with our content.

It Forces You to Research

It may not seem like it, but sometimes we have to put in a little work to research a podcast topic. This keeps us sharp and reading resources we may never have otherwise encountered.

It has expanded our sales knowledge and given us new techniques to apply.

Having a podcast ensures we’re always learning and growing.

It Pushes You Outside Your Comfort Zone

It can be uncomfortable getting behind a mic and recording an episode.

At first, it was pretty intimidating to do. By forcing ourselves to do it over and over again, it has pushed us outside of our comfort zone.

Personal growth comes by pushing outside where we’re comfortable. Podcasting has helped us do this.

The next item that is out of your comfort zone now doesn’t seem so daunting.

It Builds Confidence

Podcast has built our confidence.

We’ve gotten better at communicating and improved our sales knowledge.

This, in turn, has made us all around more confident.

Getting on sales calls becomes easier and easier the more confident you are.

It Has a Personal Impact on Your Sales Efforts

When you have a podcast, chances are you’ll find yourself selling to listeners of your show.

This goes so far to building rapport and creating a connection. The prospect is already familiar with you. This makes them comfortable and knowledgeable during the sales process.

People buy from those they like and trust.

Podcasting helps you do that at scale.

It’s also made selling a lot more fun hearing stories about listening to episodes and being more personally connected.

It Builds Community

Consistent podcasting builds community.

Helping agency owners by sharing our insights with them along with providing solutions has built a community here. It’s not about a transaction, but much more.

We’re able to give back to the agency community, provide solutions, and help others connect.

It’s made business building a fun journey, and we appreciate each one of our listeners and clients who has joined us.

If you want to get into podcasting yourself or know someone who does, check out Joe Casbona’s guide to gifts for podcasters.

We look forward to making another 100 episodes!

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