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Table of Contents

How Many Resources Do I Need to Commit to Inbound Marketing?

Gray MacKenzie
Gray MacKenzie is a true operations nerd who has spent the past decade helping hundreds of agencies build more productive, profitable, and healthy teams by solving the core issues plaguing their project management.

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Inbound marketing requires a certain level of commitment.

When a company looks to partner with an agency they are trying to figure out how the relationship functions — what’s required of the company and what’s required of the agency?

At GuavaBox, we hear questions like this all of the time:

  • “Should everyone on my team be blogging?”
  • “Who needs to be involved?”
  • “How many internal resources do I need to commit to this?”

Defining clear goals and clear roles will help address these questions. In this episode of Inbound Sales Journey we will discuss how we approach these questions. 

What’s the Goal?

Goals determine everything. What type of content, how often and who’s responsible. It all comes down to the goals of the company.

Blogging is likely only a piece of a larger strategy. Agencies need to figure out what are the activities needed to hit that goal. Once you provide a solution, then you can figure out who does what. 

At GuavaBox, I will typically tell a prospect that their involvement can vary. We can handle all content creation for you or simply give them the plan to do it in house. 

Most companies do not realize the amount of work that goes into inbound, thus we usually meet somewhere in the middle. We use the GamePlan process to clearly define and set measurable goals.  


Finding the Talent

Not everyone is a gifted writer. Thus the quick answer to “Should everyone be blogging?” is a simple “no.” 

In your prospects company some people write well, some speak well, and some listen well. 

If someone is great at listening but not writing, they are the last person we want to have writing content. 

The level of internal commitment usually rests on how many internal resources the prospect has. It also rests on how many they would like to use. 

As an agency you should be fully equipped with an internal team to handle all aspects of the project.

Always Require a Level of Commitment

Companies who just want to farm out work and do not make inbound a priority are never great partners. 

Although you may handle all aspects of the campaigns for your clients you need to set an upfront expectation of serious commitment. To execute the best campaign you need insights from many members of the prospect’s company. 

From sales to marketing to executives. Everyone has valuable information that can lead to a more successful inbound campaign. Although they may not be writing the blogs, they should be willing to be involved.


 That is how you create the strongest content possible. 

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