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Table of Contents

How Inbound Marketing Works with Current Sales Processes

Gray MacKenzie
Gray MacKenzie is a true operations nerd who has spent the past decade helping hundreds of agencies build more productive, profitable, and healthy teams by solving the core issues plaguing their project management.

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Inbound marketing will change the way sales people sell.

Everyone responds differently to change.

Change makes most people uncomfortable. Then they get used to whatever is new or different and then that becomes the new normal.

One objection we face often as an inbound agency revolves not around marketing but rather around sales. You see, when an agency gets hired to do inbound marketing for a client, they also get hired to change the sales process. 

Leads will be coming in in a new and different way and there needs to be a process to handle this. 

That is why in this episode of Inbound Sales Journey we will tackle a common objection that presents itself like this.

“How will inbound marketing work within my current sales process?”

Understanding the Process

Every company out there does sales differently. They use different tools, different forms of prospecting and they all have different teams. 

Your job as an agency sales person or owners is to understand what that prospects sales process is like.

How inbound marketing affects a company’s sales process can vary from minor changes to a major overhaul. 

Your job is to dig deep and make sure you have a thorough understanding of what that prospects sales process is. Ask questions like the ones listed below to gather pertinent information.

Ask questions like:

“Where are most of your leads coming from now?”

“What is the process of handling those leads?”

“Are you using any particular CRM a the moment?”

“Can you walk me through the typical stages the buyer goes through to purchase your product?”

Have a Solution Ready

In order to provide a solution you need a thorough understanding of the current sales process. Once you have the understanding, you need to have a solution prepared.

It surprises me how many agencies do not offer sales process consulting as a service. We focus so much on the marketing side but never train out clients how that translates over to the sales side.

We need to close that loop. Whether you offer it as a service or not you need a solution to help clients with this problem. If you are not going to offer it yourself I recommend having a strong partner you can refer them  to for help with sales process development. 

Think Big Picture

After understanding their pain and offering a practical solution I bring in the “big picture.” The sales changes are inevitable and the impact is incredible. 

Inbound leads are a sales persons best friend. They will have knowledge they have never had before on each prospect. You now know the prospect is looking for a solution. No more hit or miss cold calls, but you are now talking with a more educated and engaged prospect. 

That is the power of inbound marketing. 

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