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Databox Review: Automate Your Agency's Reporting

One of the least favorite activities at most agencies, scratch that, at most organizations is reporting. Especially in creative fields (like the marketing agency space), most people would much rather do work than step back, gather data, and analyze the results of that work.

Databox, led by former Hubspotter Pete Caputa, is working to reduce the reporting and data analysis barrier and bring increased transparency to the connection between inputs and results.

This week, in episode #15 of Agency Toolbox, we dive into Databox, the competition, and take you behind-the-scenes to see exactly how it works.

Are you currently using Databox or a similar tool?

We'd love to know about it and hear what's working and what's causing problems.

The most common use cases for most agencies revolve around automating the client reporting process, but there are a ton of other use cases where you can use a tool like Databox, Dasheroo, or others to make your team more efficient. Shoot us a message and let us know what's working for you!

Topics: Tools, Operations

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