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Growing Revenue by Focusing on Ideal-Fit Customers with John McTigue

This episode of Agency Journey is brought to you by The Digital Project Manager School. Upcoming classes kick off on November 4th, 2019. Learn more about this training opportunity here.

John McTigue from Riptide Business Press joined us for an interview about growing agency revenue by focusing on ideal customers.

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Train Better Clients With Your Sales Process

This is the seventh post in a series on the Agency Freedom Manifesto.

In the last post, we worked through how to get paid for what you know, not simply what you can do.

Today, we're working on setting the groundwork for healthy client relationships from the very beginning, your sales process.

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Jim Banks Shares His Flywheel Agency Business Model

Jim Banks from Spades Media joins us on the podcast this week to share his unique story, detailed flywheel business model, and insights from his agency journey.

Spades Media's background in paid traffic services compliments their newer inbound services as a HubSpot partner agency. Jim shares the story behind the Spades Media name, their current service breakdown, what goes into their client onboarding meetings, and a unique approach to client communication related to receivables.

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The #1 Reason Agencies Can't Sell and the MoneyPath Growth Strategy

Todd Earwood, CEO of MoneyPath Marketing, joins us on the podcast to share his story, specialization strategy, and how he manages to run MoneyPath, HalfCourt Ventures, and still find time to work on new products.

At MoneyPath, Todd and his team offer only two core service types: highly technical backend integrations and a few types of campaigns that marry sales and marketing to drive revenue.

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LIVE Sales Role Playing Exercise and Selling to Value with David Weinhaus

Most agencies that struggle with sales are struggling because they're selling the wrong thing.

Let's say you design websites. You may think that a website is what you're selling in the sales process.

But no, you're not really selling a website.

You're really selling the outcome that the prospect is looking to achieve. The website is just the leverage to get you there.

The value in the prospect's mind needs to align with the value you're selling.

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How to Use Agency Partners to Grow Your Business

In this episode of Agency Journey, Justin Then from ALSOF Publishing shares the story of growing his agency and the power of partnering with other agencies.

After moving around the agency world as an employee then consultant, Justin began to build his own agency.

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How Past Clients Can Help You Quickly Scale Your Agency

In this episode of Agency Journey, Thomas Emmerson from Vanguard 86 in New Zealand shares his story of growing his inbound agency.

While consulting, Thomas noticed that his clients needed help executing strategies. He created an agency to fill this need.

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How to Use Discovery Projects to Land Your Ideal Clients

In this episode of Agency Journey, Dan Kraus from Leading Results shares his story and the importance of discovery projects.

Dan has a background in software but saw the importance of marketing in generating leads and seeing that was a consistent pain point. He began as a marketing consultant and Duct Tape Marketing, before becoming a full agency.

Leading Results focuses on strategy, execution, and some websites and they rely on HubSpot as an all in one solution.

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Creating a Culture with Your Team and Clients

In this episode of Agency Journey, John Politksy shares about growing his agency WeSpeak Easy and how to create a healthy agency culture.

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How to Work with and Sell Enterprise Clients

In this episode of Agency Journey, Duncan Craig from Raka comes on the show to discuss growing an agency and how they work with and sell enterprise clients.

Duncan and his co-founders worked together at an agency which eventually sold and, they started Raka together.

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