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Spencer Powell on Vertical Specialization and Agency Podcasting

Spencer Powell is the President of Builder Funnel, an inbound marketing agency in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Spencer joins us on the podcast to talk about the very targeted niche that Builder Funnel has identified, their podcast strategy specifically meant to reach that niche audience, and the multi-generational history of Builder Funnel

Builder Funnel provides sales and marketing services to homebuilders, remodelers, and contractors. Spencer shares how specializing in a narrow industry has not only created leverage in the marketing and sales process, but has also created a ton of efficiency in the delivery side of the business.

Instead of starting new content offers from scratch for each new client, Builder Funnel is able to work off a proven model to deliver better client results while reducing their production time. That win-win allows both the client and the agency to increase profitability.

One marketing channel that Spencer hosts is the Builder Funnel Radio podcast. Listen to the episode to hear his approach, how it works, and the results. If you're running a podcast at your agency, drop a message in the chat here and let us know!

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Topics: Marketing, Prospecting

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