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Mastering the Power of Process with Elyse Flynn Meyer

Elyse Flynn Meyer

Elyse Flynn Meyer is the founder and president of Prism Global Marketing Solutions, a Phoenix-based agency that has risen to the rank of HubSpot Platinum Partner in just three years. But Prism is not Meyer's first experience with inbound or HubSpot.

Before starting her own agency, Meyer worked for four years in in-house marketing for the Thunderbird School of Global Management. During that time, she joined HubSpot and used inbound to propel Thunderbird from 40 to 1,200 leads per month in the first year. 

A desire to use inbound to help small and midsize startups grow led Meyer to start Prism around three years ago. Prism focuses on four verticals (healthcare, higher education, technology, and professional services) and does 70 percent of their business in B2B. 

In this episode, Meyer, who can be reached on Twitter or via email, discusses her agency's success with HubSpot integrations, her process for setting up clients' editorial calendars, and her plans for improving Prism's strategic hiring process. 

The Queen of Integration

  • Prism has won HubSpot's Services Innovation of the Year Impact Award, and a HubSpot Integrations Innovation Award. 
  • "We really felt that the integrations were going to be the next step for us being able to add on additional retainers, but more importantly additional growth for our clients who have been on HubSpot for two plus years… to truly make it the 'Hub' for their business." - Meyer 
  • Meyer focuses on bringing new tools into HubSpot to better serve clients.
    • The first award was for integrating a tool called Uberflip, a content aggregator that helped Prism connect 16 distinct niche markets of a client's user base to the content they needed to see. 
    • The other award was for integrating GoTime, a tool that helped one client target distinct customer personas to convert Facebook leads into sales. 
    • Prism also uses HelloSign, an e-signature tool that streamlines the relationship between the client and HubSpot.
  • HubSpot is focusing heavily on add-ons with a new integration coming out almost every week. 
  • Meyer introduces differentintegrations to different clients at different stages.
    • "We’ll never introduce all of the integrations because not all of them are going to work for every client." - Meyer
  • Prism usesintegrations to provide a wider range of services to clients.
    • HubSpot Workflows helps with sales/marketing integration.
    • They used it to help one client's sales team follow the right leads at the right time, tripling call traffic to sales reps and providing an 80 percent increase in revenue. 

The Power of Process

  • Meyer is proud of Prism's HubSpot onboarding process, which is a 126-step checklist.
  • One part of this process is setting the client's editorial calendar.
    • This process takes four to eight weeks depending on whether or not the client is already using HubSpot.
  • The editorial calendar helps determine blog and premium content and generate idea about web content and overall site map and website changes.
  • Prism's first step is to analyze existing keyword traffic on the website.
  • Next, they perform an SEO audit.
  • Then, they formulate their own ideas for what the client's target keywords should be.
  • After that, they interview the client's marketing, sales, and leadership teams to ensure that the whole company is onboard with inbound.
  • Finally, Prism presents 5-10 keywords and 16-30 blog post topics to the client.

Finding a Better Way to Hire

  • Meyer wants to devise a more strategic hiring process.
  • The growth of inbound and remote working has led to a large influx of applicants.
    • "It’s almost overwhelming when you post a job on there with how many candidates you get coming in." - Meyer
  • One struggle Meyer has encountered is keeping internal marketing and employee onboarding as priorities rather than focusing exclusively on clients to the detriment of the agency.

Topics: Operations, Processes

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