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How the EOS Helped Benj Miller Go From Freelancer to Agency Owner

Benj Miller from Syrup Marketing joins us on Episode 99 of Inbound Agency Journey. Benj shares his journey from freelancer to business owner and Benj and Gray dig deep into tips on how agencies can get even more out of EOS.

They began in the early 2000s and focused on branding for businesses. After stressful times in 2010, he realized he could either continue as a freelancer or become a business builder. The agency was becoming too stressful, and he had to make a decision. He chose to pursue the path of building an actual business. He read dozens of books and began to restructure his business. He works now with two partners to continue taking Syrup to the next level and build a business he loves.

The way he runs his agency is different too from most. Too many agencies try to be a fit for everyone. Syrup focuses on just a few specific services and knows who the ideal fit is. If a client isn't a good fit for them, they have no problem telling them this and sending them to find another agency. There is always an agency out there willing to work with a client who aren't a fit.

During the time he focused on building the business, Benj began to explore EOS. During his time with the system, he has developed his insights. He believes there is no "pure" EOS since every business will need to tailor it to suit their needs. He thinks processes are covered too broadly, and businesses need to develop specifics on how they do this. He also believes companies need an EOS specific for their marketing efforts as well. To get more out of EOS, he began working with Process Triage to help Syrup make up for the short-comings of EOS.

This journey resulted in his team developing an EOS software to help with implementation. The solution will give businesses all they need to help track and update everyone on what's happening in the business and stick to goals. The name of the business is Traxion.io. DoInbound listeners that mention the show and email christine@traxion.io will get early access to the software as it rolls out.

Benj has a lot of wisdom about the journey to building a successful and fulfilling agency. Connect with Benj on LinkedIn and if you enjoyed this episode, be sure to leave us a review on iTunes!

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Topics: Operations, Processes, EOS

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