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How to Strategically Brand Your Clients' Businesses

In this episode of Agency Journey, Gray interviews Felipe Zorzi from Agencia GDM about starting his agency and their branding process for clients.Starting out, Felipe worked with large brands at a big advertising agency.

But, due to his background, he had friends begin asking him for assistance on marketing and branding their businesses. He realized he felt more passion and joy working with smaller companies and brands than large ones, and made a move to start his agency.

Here are the two main takeaways from the interview:

Enjoy What You Do

One thing that Felipe brings back time and time again in the interview is both his passion for his work, his team, and his clients. This energy carries over into all parts of the business. It's why he started the agency and what keeps him going. You want to build an agency you love to run.

Felipe wants to work with a team he enjoys spending time with. They want to work on projects they believe in and would enjoy working on. They want to work with clients they enjoy as well. During the entire process, they want clients to feel the energy and enthusiasm or working together to reach the client's goals. They even have a documented process to help celebrate steps of the branding process and when it's all accomplished.

Having fun, being enthusiastic about your work is important as an agency. You want to enjoy the business you're running. It also directly impacts the quality of your client relationships. Providing that spark can keep clients motivated with the engagement and re-invigorate an agency.

In a way, an agency has also to be a cheerleader for the client. Clients have a lot on their plate and marketing may not always be the priority. By encouraging the client on their journey will keep them more engaged in the relationship and invested in the process.

Develop Your Process

One of the primary services Agencia GDM offers is branding. In the interview, Felipe breaks down their process of branding their clients step-by-step.

Focus on Strategy

Clients may come to you looking for a new logo or branded material, but they haven't thought strategically about what they're trying to do. Your job is to deliver a process and strategy to take them from where they are to where they want to be. You want to dig into their client's uniqueness. Felipe's team does this by holding in-depth interviews with the team. This information is important for Felipe and his team to position a brand correctly.

Give Options but Be a Guide

From this, they move into the naming of the brand and what they would like to use and why. To help keep the client engaged, they offer the client options to choose from. But again with having a set process, they only give so many options. It's important that the agency is guiding the project and work being done. The client is paying you for a proven process to get the results they're looking for.

While brainstorming ideas and logos, they do high-level research on domain names and legal aspects of the names available. You want to make sure that whatever you're getting the client is workable. Do the research necessary to know you're not adding more to a client's plate later. Include them in the process but always make sure that you are covering the details to make the process of working with your agency seamless. 

The entire process of branding is documented so clients know they can take Agencia GDM's work and immediately implement it.

Felipe offers a lot of insights into Agencia GDM's branding process that can be useful for agencies interested in this service. You can reach Felipe at their website or on LinkedIn.

Topics: Culture, Marketing, Services

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