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How to Stop Overworking Yourself as an Agency Owner

Are you an accidental business owner?

The inbound agency space is defined by creatives. We all like to think that our agency is known for our creative ability. But the thing that we think is our greatest strength can be our greatest weakness.

In the inbound agency community, many agency leaders didn't get there on purpose. They started as copy writers, website developers, or social media strategists. As the number of clients grew, all of a sudden they found themselves running an agency! 

It can be stressful for tacticians to transition into the role of CEO. The words "systems" and "processes" are like curse words. They suffocate creativity and are way too "corporate." 

In this episode of Inbound Agency Journey, we're joined by Drew McLellan from Agency Management Institute. Drew has been involved in the agency world for over 20 years. With experience both running an agency and consulting with agencies, Drew is full of wisdom that can help agency owners start running their business like a CEO. 

Topics Covered: 

  • Agencies providing scopes of work that are too vague leads to trouble down the road. 
  • When scoping work, avoid linking deliverables to dates. Try linking to a number of days between deliverables. If the client is late, we still maintain their expectation. 
  • If you're an owner that is involved in every functional aspect of the agency, you're in too deep. 
  • Well documented and followed processes are key to building a strong agency. 
  • Running structured and regular meetings across your agency is the best way to keep on top of issues and maintain a healthy workplace culture. 



Topics: Operations, Consultants

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