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How to Scale Your Agency to 300K a Month in 2 Years

Johnathan Dane from Costa Mesa-based PPC agency KlientBoost joins us on Episode 97 of Inbound Agency Journey. Johnathan shares his experience growing Klientboost to $300k a month in two years.

Gray and Johnathan covered a lot of ground during their 35-minute conversation, but here are 3 of the biggest takeaways.

Focus on Your Agency's Marketing

Marketing agencies always seem to get this wrong. Many agency owners focus only on acquiring clients but not their own marketing.

KlientBoost invested a lot in content marketing and design because they saw it as a way for them to stand out. Focusing on their marketing allows them to charge higher rates and stand out in a sea of competitors. Every owner should be using either time and money to market their agency. If you have neither, then that's a clear sign you need to rework your business.

Johnathan also talks about the importance of viewing your website as a storefront. KlientBoost's website focuses on providing an experience centered on the prospect.Their website has live chat, clear CTAs, high-quality design, in-depth content, and a laser focus on a visitor's main pain point.

How to Grow Your Agency

To build your agency you need enough money coming in. Johnathan keeps it simple to make it work for KlientBoost. Smart pricing allowed them to scale by, "charging enough, so you never have to charge more." With each new customer, they quoted more than enough to hire, reinvest, and afford the work itself. Charging more removes the problem of scope creep which simplifies client-agency relationships.

With new hires, their agency process while growing is simple as well. They have set of videos for the first week, along with some best practices and the rest is learning as you go. They have a hybrid pod and account manager structure. Every team member is learning and collaborating with one another. This structure keeps everyone playing at a higher level.

Another great nugget from Johnathan was discovering that they ask all their clients the simple question, "Are you making more money?". At the end of the day, this is why you're paid for. If you can't answer this question, then you are becoming dispensable to the client. Asking this improves your client relationships and helps you deliver greater value.

Developing Your Agency Culture

"Agency Culture" is a buzzword in the agency world. It is a favorite topic of conferences, books, and among owners. Jonathan's approach to company culture is simple. Jonathan acts like himself, which according to him is "playing too much," and the KlientBoost culture has grew around that. Agency owners often work to create a culture rather than letting one naturally develop from personalities on their team.

KlientBoost focuses on transparency and their monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is available to everyone. Transparency keeps the team accountable and offers a deeper sense of ownership. What could be better for culture than an entire team dedicated to the agency's success?

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