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How to Improve Your Web Design Process with Clients

In this episode of Agency Journey, Gray interviews Ulf Lonegren from Roketto about growing their agency and their web design process.

Roketto has primarily focused on websites but transitioned into inbound as the agency has grown over the years.

Here are the main takeaways from the interview:

Don't Be Afraid to Fire Clients

Ulf takes some time to break down the importance of client management to run a successful agency. This can often mean being willing to cut a client. Firing a client can be intimidating for a lot of agencies, especially young ones. There's the fear of losing that revenue.

However, the ability to fire clients or be willing to fire them can make your agency more profitable. You can free up your resources to work on your ideal customers or upsell current ones. Even just having a conversation threatening to fire a client can get their client back in line.

Ulf tells the story about a client who continually cut back their advertising spend. After Roketto's team told the client it wasn't going to work; the client changed their mindset and spent more with them than ever before.

Agencies need to realize the value of what they offer. Their time and resources are valuable, and they need to treat them according. This means becoming confident in firing clients that aren't ideal.

Have a Process

One thing that Ulf breaks down in the interview is their website design process.

Depending on the project, they have a step by step plan to make sure that the website is done right. They start with a strategy session to break down the complexity of the project so that they can develop a true roadmap. This is followed by design and collecting feedback on the website. There is a variation on this process depending on the client, but the critical piece is they have a set process.

Client follows this roadmap and the team can execute it over and over to deliver high-quality results consistently.

You can reach Ulf on the Roketto website or LinkedIn.

Topics: Operations, Processes, Marketing, Services

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