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How to Design Client Websites the Right Way

In this episode of Agency Journey, Gray interviews Nathan Butcher from Spinfluence about growing the agency and their design work.

Here are the main takeaways from the interview:

Find Your Core Focus

Spinfluence’s core business is design work. This is what they’ve done to win awards, and they live and breathe the process and getting better at it.

They’ve even launched a new website that showcases cool functionality and look that demonstrates their expertise.

They don’t just work on making the design look good, but also effective.

They use Growth Driven Design (GDD) with clients to make it happen and generate better results.

One thing they had to test out was when they tested what way of designing a website worked best for their clients in terms of results. Growth Driven Design won by a significant amount, and they transitioned to the GDD model.

Market Your Agency

Many agencies don't focus on marketing themselves. To address this, Spinfluence has just hired a full-time team member so that they can focus only on marketing the agency.

Another thing they have done is that their new website is an example of standing out with their own marketing. A lot of agency websites are generic. Spinfluence prides itself on their design work, and their website is a live example of just how good they are at it.

They also have features built on it such as the website cost estimator and use bots to compile proposals and manage leads on the website. This makes the sales and marketing progress more simple. Website visitors can get and give all the info they need streamlining the sales and marketing process for the prospect and Spinfluence.

HubSpot Drag and Drop Builder

Spinfluence saw the need for a drag and drop builder in the HubSpot space and using their past design projects built a product to create something to address this pain.

Their product is DreamDesigner.io.

It’s a drag and drop designer that offers over 570 custom modules that will give you the price as you build the site, but make it easy to create everything you need on a website.

It’s ideal for agencies that may not have a full team or don’t have the current resources to build a custom site. Agencies can use this to create a beautiful website for their client’s without hiring someone.

If you'd like to connect with Nathan, you can reach him on the Spinfluence website or LinkedIn.

Topics: Marketing, Services, Product

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