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How to Build Your Digital Agency, Create Products, and Grow Your Brand

In this episode of Agency Journey, Gray interviews Mike Rhodes from WebSavvy and AgencySavvy about building his agency, growing his personal brand, and productizing info products for other agencies.

Starting from the beginning by starting an internet cafe in the late 1990s, Mike then began to explore the world of online marketing in 2006 with an event with Perry Marshall and some of the biggest names of online marketing. He became hooked and dove into the world of AdWords, eventually starting WebSavvy to help out other businesses.

Mike brings a wealth of experience and insights to this interview.

Here are some of the biggest takeaways from the interview: 

Focus on What You're Good At 

Mike honed in on one thing and has owned it over the last 10 years. The AdWords platform and custmer acquisition. He openly admits to not being as knowleegable about Facebook ads as he could be, but that's not what clients pay him for.

By focusing on the Google AdWords platfrom for customer acquision, Mike is able to "own" a market and become the go-to expert for this solution. There is no niche market being targeted, but rather a niche service. This has allowed him to work with a variety of clients, while at the same time staying concentrated and building a brand within the greater space. 

In line with this, he brings great insights for agency owners which is why following your passion isn't the important thing, but focus on what you're really good at, what comes naturally and easy for you, and then at the edges of this you will find and develop passions. 

If you're good at something too and able to quickly solve a client's problems, you need to value what that is. Not everyone has this ability come easy to them.

Most businesses don't have even the time to find out the best way to do it. Since you are what they need, you need to charge for the value that it's worth to the business, even if doesnt take you much time.

Agencies are notorious for undercharging and a lot of that comes from the fact that they're not confident in the value they're delivering because of the short amount of time it took them to solve the problem.

Let the Product Concepts Start from Needs

At one point Mike was like most agency owners and exploring productixign and creating software around a soluton he and his team had deloped.

However, once he came across what would've been a competitior in that same space, he abandoned the idea. They didn't have a team full of ex-Google employees, nor the design, nor the unique differentiating feature to help them stand out in the space.

However, once he worked with Perry Marshall on the newest edition of the Ultimate Google AdWords Guide, he knew with Google's changes, that information in it would become outdated.

He knew that there was a need for marketers wanting to stay up to date on all the changes and an interest in sharpening their skills, so he launched Agencyt Savvy, which provides up to date trainings and a community to help marketers stay on their A-Game in AdWords.

By paying attention to the unmet needs of his audience, Mike was able to profitbaly grow another business without speindng time and money on an idea that wasn't proven to be successful.

The idea for a lot fo people si the grass is always greener. They think if they're not working with agency clients, then they're life will be simpler. But the fact is, no matter the bsienss, you will work with customers, and it's guarnateed that they will drive you crazy at least once or twice.

Before jumping into trying something new or what you hear everyone else is doing, make sure it's aligne with your goals but most importnatly, your market's needs. 

Become Known to Your Market

One of Mike's biggest pieces of advice in this interview when asked about growing his agency.

The fact is, success is not about who you know, but who knows you.

His chosen method of building his personal brand was public speaking.

Most people aren't comfortable putting themselves out there, but that's how you become known. Mike worked hard for no pay and for hours at small venues and events to build up the experience and reputation that would build his business and personal brand.

No matter your business, it's important to become "known" to your target market. It isn't easy, and it takes a lot of work, especially if it's outside of your comfort zone, but it's one of the surest paths to building a successful business. become a big fish in a small pond.

Mike's interview gives agency owners a lot to think about both in terms of the business their building as well as their on personal development. 

If you want to talk to Mike, you can best reach him on Facebook.

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