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How to Build an ROI Driven Agency with Christopher Antonopoulos from Measured Results Marketing

In this episode of Inbound Agency Journey, Gray interviews Christopher Antonopoulos about building his agency, Measured Results Marketing.

Measured Results Marketing is a technology integrator company that helps get company’s tech working property to hit their targets in marketing and sales.

Here are the main takeaways from the interview:

Hustle to Get Going

To get his agency up and running and to acquire clients, Christopher didn’t sit around and wait for leads to come to him. He attended every single networking event he could that related to his service and reached out to his network and people on LinkedIn. He let them know what he did and would grab meals with people who he thought may be a good fit.

He put in the ground work selling and getting his agency out there.

This is crucial for agencies of any size, but especially small ones to get creative at times when you need clients and not being afraid to do some dirty work.

Use the Power of Partnerships

Christopher’s team focuses on tying together technology. His team is strong in engineers and technical ability.

Instead of building out the ability to service everything else his clients needed, he partnered with other agencies doing great work.This way his agency could focus on what they do best and leverage the strong skill sets other agencies had.

Know Your Numbers

Many agencies aren’t as rigorous about tracking and seeing results of their marketing efforts and how it translates into sales. Clients love being able to focus on the ROI of the agency they’re working with.

Knowing the numbers top to bottom will help you find and plug leaky parts of a funnel as well. This will help you create extra sales ideas, content, and have a deeper understanding about what’s driving results and ideas to improve.

Get a Champion

With any new client, there’s generally a lot of excitement on both sides. But this energy can quickly fizzle after the sales process, and the actual work required from both sides gets going. Christopher emphasizes the importance of having a champion for your efforts at the client’s business to push along projects and makes sure you get what you need.

The client needs to remain committed.

Slacking in these areas will lead to subpar results. Make sure you have established someone bought into what you’re doing from the business early on so both you and the client can reap the full benefits of the engagement.

Measured Results Marketing is a great example for any young or experienced agency looking to scale.

Their focus on hustling for clients and staying focused on their strengths as well as what’s truly important for the clients have helped them build a successful and profitable agency.

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