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How Past Clients Can Help You Quickly Scale Your Agency

In this episode of Agency Journey, Thomas Emmerson from Vanguard 86 in New Zealand shares his story of growing his inbound agency.

While consulting, Thomas noticed that his clients needed help executing strategies. He created an agency to fill this need.

Here are the main takeaways from the interview:

Connect with Your Current and Past Clients

Since he was a consultant, Thomas was able to leverage his past clients into an upsell or chance to execute a digital strategy.

This fundamental concept is something that a lot of agencies don’t use as well as they could.

The best people to get more work from too that won’t require a ton of effort to sell are your past customers. If you finish a website for them and then let them go, that's the end. However, your clients need more than a website. They need traffic, leads, and more.

Never overlook the importance of contacting them about other services you offer and know they need.

Agencies can become obsessed with new customer acquisition rather than doing what they can to maximize the value of the clients they already have or have had.

You've already invested the time, money, and energy into them, so it's foolish to overlook this source of revenue for your business.

Discover the Happiness of Your Clients

This is tied into the first takeaway in a sense it involves investing in the relationship your agency has with a current or past client.

Thomas breaks into their process of trying to uncover how happy client is with their service. By getting this understanding, they can move them into an upsell, get a powerful testimonial, or even get some referrals.

It’s important to gauge when the client is happy and use this as an opportunity. A successful relationship with a client can help you grow your agency.

On the flip side, if the client is unhappy, it’s best for you to know. It gives you a chance to remedy the issue rather than be unaware and have the client cancel.

By investing in learning how your client is feeling, you can build a resilient and thriving agency that your clients will love to work with.

If you’re interested in connecting with Thomas, you can reach him on Twitter or the Vanguard 86 Website.

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