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Establishing a Profitable Agency Niche with Inbound Fit

Anthony Guerra is the co-founder of Inbound Fit, an inbound agency serving the health club industry. Three years ago, Anthony teamed up with his son, Andre, to focus of bringing the power of inbound to the health club space. With a background in web design and health club management, Andre saw the opportunity.


After convincing the owner of the club he managed to give them a try, they got to work applying the principles of inbound to the health club model. The results blew the club owner away! In just six months, Anthony and Andre were able to deliver 900% growth over the best month using traditional tactics. And an agency was born! 


In this episode, Anthony and I discuss:

  • How to select a niche to serve as an agency.
  • The pros and cons of selecting a narrow niche. 
  • The process of implementing a point-based pricing model.
  • How focusing on a niche makes you more profitable as an agency. 
  • The connection between client education and reducing churn. 

The main takeaways about finding a niche is one of the most important things an agency can do. By developing a focus on an industry, type of client, or service, it makes it easier to scale a business and repeatable processes that can be used for clients across the board. There's also a higher chance for referrals and case studies are more powerful since the evidence is that you are capable of delivering results for businesses just like theirs. If you're an agency that doesn't have a niche or hasn't considered it, it may be one of the most profitable activities you and your team do.

Anthony is a wealth of experience and knowledge! If you're interested in connecting, you can find him on the following channels.

If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to say thank you to Anthony and give the show a review on iTunes! 


Topics: Operations, Marketing

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