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Applying Scrum to Inbound Servicing with Jeremy Knight

Jeremy Knight is the founder of Equinet, an inbound and content marketing agency in Bedford, UK. In this interview, Jeremy and I cover a lot of ground. We cover everything from full time employees or contractors to the real issue with all project management tools. 

But my biggest takeaway from this conversation was Jeremy's mindset. He is a true entrepreneur. He understands that there are frameworks out there that can help you along the way, but they aren't a silver bullet. He is willing to invest to continue to learn in order to accelerate their growth, but he is also willing to do the hard work.

The hard work is often personal. It requires looking inside and letting go of things. It requires spending more time investing into your team and with your clients. It means admitting failure when it happens and trying new things.

This interview was a lot of fun, you'll take loads of notes, and will definately walk away a smarter agency pro! 

In this interview we cover:

  • Lessons learned from applying Traction and the EOS to the agency.
  • The process of partnering with an EOS implementer. 
  • How Jeremy and the team started to adopt agile in their inbound delivery
  • Hard lessons around increasing retainer size and firing clients. 

Topics: Operations, Agile

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