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Inbound Agency Journey Podcast

Inbound Agency Journey

Podcast hosted by Andrew Dymski & Gray MacKenzie

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Tips and Tricks to Build a HubSpot Platinum Partner Agency

In this episode of Inbound Agency Journey, Gray interviews Sean Sweet from Blend about growing a HubSpot Platinum Partner Agency.

Starting as a design agency, Blend has become one of the top HubSpot Partner Agencies in the UK.

Here are the main takeaways:

Practice What Your Preach

Blend's journey to inbound began when they realized they needed to fix their customer churn issue and client engagement.

After losing a sales rep and being desperate for leads, they started using HubSpot for themselves. They saw the value of inbound and websites built around driving leads.

With the success they were having with their own agency, they began delivering inbound marketing and websites to clients as well.

Becoming inbound helped them understand the importance of results for a business.

With each client, they focus on business goals and taking action each month not just tasks. This makes a retainer relationship more valuable for a client. Using the service your selling in your own agency will make you more respected and deliver better results.

Focus on Business Results

Blend has continued to scale as their success continues. By switching from the mindset of doing the actions they agreed to with a client, to always improving a funnel to drive results.

From the beginning of a relationship with a client, they focus on strategic value and design packages around this. This includes a 30-day discovery project to design a strategy they require all clients to take.

Focusing efforts on the client's business objectives will keep them happy.

Agile and the Points System

To manage all their clients and ensure the best pricing for them to scale, they do the points base system. They also implement Agile at Blend.

This balance ensures they utilize their team efficiently and deliver great results for clients

With the points system, Sean's team knows their capacity to not overwork for clients. They can scale pricing for extra work as well. This makes them confident with pushing back on clients and setting the guidelines.

You don't want clients to control your agency.

Sean Sweet and Blend show that building an agency is simple but not easy. But by focusing on the key metrics of your business and staying focused on client goals, you can grow your dream agency.

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